What do you do?

19 Aug

Over the past several weeks, we have talked about what it means to radically follow Jesus.  We have looked at some of the more difficult messages of Jesus.  We have considered giving our all to Him…our everything…and putting nothing before Him.  I pray that you have made that decision to radically follow Him…no matter what.  I pray that you are dedicated to serving Him because you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

So, we say yes to following the Lord…God has called, we answer…we are ready to live life for Him.  That may have been years ago or a week ago.  We finally give everything to Him.  We have finally made that decision to let go.  Then, everything seems to fall apart…one piece at a time.  Or it all seems to crumble all at one time.  What happens when you follow the Lord and things don’t go well?  What happens when you feel as though you have been beat down?  What do you do when you mess up?  What happens when you are not even sure you can keep moving forward?  What do your world isn’t working out the way you thought it would?

For me, that lesson is learned from looking at the life of David.  David was chosen and anointed as a young man.  He was blessed by God.  Saul, the King, chose David to be his armor bearer.  David could play the harp while Saul was in distress in way that would calm him and help him to keep going.  1 Samuel 16:21-23.  It is going well for David.

He even faces Goliath…a giant that no one is willing to fight.  1 Samuel 17:42-47.  He didn’t just fight him, he defeated him and showed the people who God was.  He is doing the right thing…surely it would all continue…and then…the “party was over”…1 Samuel 18:7-9.

David fled, Saul pursued.  David encountered battle after battle just to keep his own life.  Saul wanted him dead.  David just wanted to live.  David’s camp was raided…his wives and children taken.  He was blamed.  But, through it all, David knew this is where God had led him.  2 Samuel 5:12.

David had every reason to question where he was in life.  He had every reason to question his calling…quit the fight…wonder why he was called to live such a life.  He could have just given up.  But, for me, the message that David’s early life teaches me is found over and over…2 Samuel 5:19.  David inquired of the Lord.

What does that mean?  It means that David wanted to know which steps to take…so he asked God.  He wanted to know whether the battle was right or now…he asked God.  When he made a mistake, he came to God with it.  In the terrors of his life, he kept asking God what he should do.  And, God answered.  God was leading his life.  Step by step and day by day, God led.

David wondered why Saul would want his life, but he remained faithful to God…which meant several times not killing Saul when he had the chance.  David remained faithful to God because he kept seeking God in his daily life.  He remained faithful because he didn’t do it on his own…he looked to God for answers.  Can you imagine how overwhelming the situation was for David as he went from place to place hiding out because the one he took care of was now trying to kill him?  Yet, he kept coming back to the Lord and seeking Him.

How about you and me?  Do circumstances guide your feelings and attitude?  Does your situation indicate how obedient you are?  OR…do you remain faithful because you are continually seeking His will and His way rather than your own?  Things don’t go well…seek God.  Daily seek Him.  Daily listen to Him.  Daily let Him lead and guide you.

When you seek God daily…you find strength…you find guidance…you find peace…and you can be obedient and faithful to the call.

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