The Body of Christ

23 Jun

We are the body of Christ… As the body of Christ, we have some important questions to answer:  What are we doing?  Where are we heading? How do we get to where we are led?

God has given us all the direction that we need…we have His Word and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us on the journey.

We are disciples and we are told what to do as His followers…together as the body of Christ.  We are told to make disciples, to feed, to shelter, to care for, to visit…all for the glory of God.

If that is the direction for the body of Christ…if God’s Word is really that clear that as disciples and followers, that is what we are suppose to do…then why aren’t we doing it?  What is missing?  How does it get fixed?

Prayer is the first place that we begin.  If we are continually seeking His face, listening for His direction, humbly coming before the Lord, then we will know what to do next.  And it should be no surprise when He directs because He has given us direction in His Word.

I think we step out on faith next…Not held back by our own humanity…scared of what is ahead…fearful of what the implications are…but boldly stepping forward in faith knowing that this is God’s fight and we are His soldiers.

Third, we are called to do this together…if we are really the body of Christ.  Paul gave us the well known analogy of how we are to come together to work together for His good.

1 Corinthians 12:1-26

In reading this scripture, here are a few things to note:

A – We are serving ONE LORD – One God, One Spirit, One Lord.  It is all about Him, for Him, and we are working through His power, His strength, and His guidance.

B – We are given gifts to be used for His glory.  When we are not using the gifts we have been given for Him, we are withholding what we are called to do from the body of Christ.  When we wait for someone else to do what we are called to do, then we are not being obedient and thus, harming the overall body from going in the right direction for the Lord

C – Your gift is not any more important or any less important than anyone else’s.  That is YOUR GIFT to be used for HIS GLORY.  It is important because it is what He has placed inside your heart and within you to complete.  If you have the gift of encouragement…then encourage.  If you have the gift of organization, then organize.

D – Different gifts = Different people.  We are not all going to be the same or think the same or do things the same way.  If we do, we have a bunch of arms that go NOWHERE.  That isn’t how we are designed.  We have one Lord and one Spirit and one goal/focus…but we all have different things we do to help that get accomplished.  That means that we will work with people who don’t do things like we would want…but they bring a gift that we don’t have.  Look for the gift in others.

E – Find YOUR passion.  God has laid something special in your heart that drives you to serve Him with all you are.  Find it…it may be oversees missions…it may be children…it may be teaching…it may be serving through encouragement…it may be music…but FIND it because God is ready to USE it!

We are the body of Christ…many members…One Lord…where are we going?  How do we get there?

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