Are you faithful?

10 Jun

Being faithful to God can be difficult.  Often God doesn’t ask us to give Him what we have an abundance of.  It doesn’t take much faith to do that.  In order to be faithful, He may ask us to give Him all we have…or a good portion of what we have…or give more than we are willing at the time.  He may ask us to do that in places where we think that just isn’t possible.  We don’t see that this can be good…we aren’t sure it will all work out.  We get nervous.

God calls us to be obedient with what He has given us.  That means that we realize that full ownership of all we have belongs to Him and so we have to be willing in a moment’s notice to give all He asks back to Him…trusting that He will take care of us when we are faithful.

That is what is going on with a widow in the message today.  Let’s look at just a portion of the journey for Elijah and how this widow is asked to give of her all.  1 Kings 17.

This is a powerful reminder of who God is.  The God that we serve is not powerless or at our beckon call to have something happen.  God is in control and has plans for us if we are faithful to Him.

Let’s notice just a little of what is going on in today’s scripture:

1 – Elijah is depending on God daily for his provisions.  That couldn’t have been easy.  What could he have been thinking as the water was drying up in the brook…as he watched that happen daily?  What had to be on his mind as God instructed him to go to a widow for his next set of provisions?  God feeling the Israelite children wondering in the wilderness comes to mind for me…daily provisions by trusting.

2 – The widow is hopeless but willing.

The widow that he is going to see…she has given up hope.  Her bin is practically empty.  She doesn’t have anyone to lean on.  She doesn’t have anywhere else to go.  She is looking at the end.  And Elijah shows up requesting what little she has.

She could have refused knowing that what little was in her bin was for her and her son.  That could have been the end for her.  But, because she was willing to be obedient and faithful to what God has asked her to do, her needs were met as well.

When she gave of what she had, God met her needs.  The bin of flour was not used up.  Every day, there was more flour.  There was more oil in the jar.  Every single day, she could look and see how God was faithful because she was willing.  Reminds me of Matthew 6:25, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on.  Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”

This widow reminds me of the widow Jesus spoke about In Mark 12:41-44 that gave all that she had…not out of the abundance that the wealthy had.

3 – God continued to meet their needs.

Not only did God feel Elijah and the widow and her son, He also provided for the healing of her son…who had died.  God saw her need and heard Elijah’s prayer.  God did not leave her but took care of her and Elijah.

Over and over in scripture we see that God takes care of those who are faithful.  Notice that taking care of them doesn’t equate to the things we think of today.  It didn’t mean that He provided her with a new house or brand new livestock.  He didn’t make her the land owner of many acres.  What He did do was take care of her needs.

We can see the faithfulness of these people.  We can read about the faithfulness of so many in scripture.  But, what happens when God calls us to be faithful?  Do we back up and declare that we aren’t like them?  Do we remind God of what we need our provisions for?  Do we show God our bills and explain why we can’t do what He is asking?  OR, are we faithful and obedient and willing to do what He asks right away…without hesitation…knowing that He will provide when we are faithful?  What about you?

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