Speaking and Hearing…

19 May

Last week, we looked at how the Holy Spirit would come and give power for the disciples to be witnesses.  They were to wait for the promise to be fulfilled and then act upon that.

Today, let’s look at what happens when they wait…

Acts 2:1-12

The Holy Spirit made quite an entrance for the disciples.  The entrance made enough of a sound that people gathered around to see what was going on.  Notice that people stopped what they were doing to listen.  That is important.

The disciples were speaking in other languages…languages that those who were gathered could hear and understand.  In my mind, I would equate that to going to a world meeting in a different non-English country and someone being able to translate what was being said into English.  While that may not seem like such a far stretch today, that was a huge deal then.

We know it was a huge deal because of how amazed they were.  They don’t understand how this can happen and wonder what is going on.

There are some important things that are going on for this day that the Holy Spirit fell among the disciples.  I want to point out 2 things that were important for them and are important for us today.

First, when the Holy Spirit came, He gave them to power to speak the message.  Remember who we are studying here.  We aren’t looking at the big bad guys who stood up to everyone while Jesus was alive.  We aren’t looking at the rebel leaders who were glad to go in the face of authority.  We are looking at fisherman, tax collectors, and ordinary everyday men who were just like you and me.  They were chosen by God…but were not dictators or speakers.  They were working people.

They have stood up and spoke the message of God to a group of people who might not would have ordinarily heard.  This is not a time where they are having an exclusive moment that is for the church.  This is a time of empowerment to spread the message.

Second, when the Holy Spirit came, people heard the message.  So, it wasn’t like Peter and the disciples just stood up and spoke as they could.  They spoke so that the people could understand it.  We now that what they were speaking was about God because in verse 11…we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.

People are getting to hear the Word…thus the Word can begin to spread.  Jesus told them that the Holy Spirit was coming and that He would give them power to be witnesses all over the world.  And, here, we see that the Holy Spirit has come and He is giving them the power to be witnesses right at that very moment.  It definitely was a ‘God moment’.

We also know that although the disciples may not have continued to speak in other languages, the message continued to get out.  They were given the power to speak boldly to leaders which they hid from earlier.  They were given the power to speak about the Lord in the streets and in the temple…even in the face of being beaten, killed or imprisoned.  They were given the power to spread the gospel and people were hearing it.  It started here but this is just the beginning.  The power enabled them to be witnesses for sure!  Just as Jesus promised, they would be able to be witnesses all over the world.

That same Holy Spirit gives you and me the power to speak boldly and live boldly in our world.  He gives us the power to speak the Word and opens eyes for others to hear and see.  He gives us the amazing opportunity to spread the message through our speech and through our lives.  When we speak and live boldly, people will hear the message.

You may say that we have a problem…what I just said may not describe our lives.  If it doesn’t, we may want to reevaluate if we are living and acting in the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.  God’s message should be spreading throughout our community and our world…by believers…you and me.  If it is not, what are we doing?

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