More Than A Survivor

14 May

I have spent much time thinking about “Survivor” over the last few days.  I spent time at Relay for Life with my Dad who is the 2013 Adult Honorary Chair of the Wayne County Relay.  We weren’t even sure he would be here this year at relay…much less leading the survivor walk.  With my parents on one side and my grandfather who also has cancer on the other…we walked the survivors lap.  It definitely reminds me of how each day is precious and indeed…a gift from God.

The word ‘Survivor’ is used quite often now.  With the reality show “Survivor” on TV, we are told that a survivor is one who can outwit, outlast, outplay.  That is a completely different thought of being a survivor to me than what I experienced with my family on the survivor lap at Relay.

Sometimes, we feel like survival is what we are doing day to day…just making it.  I often catch myself thinking about just making it through the day or the week…just surviving.  What a life…surviving…

Today, I want us to consider thinking beyond survival.  Let’s think about what it means to be more than a survivor…

We know that Jesus came…He offered up His life as a sacrifice for us – for all mankind…He died on the cross…and He arose from the grave!  He is a survivor for sure!  But, that isn’t it!!  Jesus is more than a survivor…

Acts 1:1-11

Jesus not only died and rose…but He also ascended into heaven!  That is more than survival.  He also tells us a key…something that is the combination for us as we seek to serve Him…a way to do more than survive while we are here on earth…

He told the disciples to WAIT and TO DO…

WAIT – He told them to wait for the promise to be fulfilled.  What promise would they have been waiting for?

They are told to wait for the promise He has been telling them about…the Promise of the Father…the promise of the Holy Spirit.  They are to wait for the promise of the helper and the guide.

This promise brings with Him POWER…but not power to do what we want…not power to obtain the worlds riches…not power to survive day to day…not power to rule over people.  This power is the reason we can DO…

DO – What are we to do?  We are to be witnesses to Him…We are given the power to do the work of the Lord.  Without the power – we are unable to effectively do the work of the Lord.  Without the power, we go in our own direction…seeking our own things.  With the power – we are called to be witnesses here and in all the world.

By fulfilling this command – we are becoming more than survivors.  Why?  Because what we do for the Lord lasts way beyond us.  If we are witnesses, people hear the Word…they see God at work…people open their hearts and minds to the Lord.  Not because of us…but because of the power working in and through us.

What happens because of the power allows what we do to make a difference for generations to come.  We aren’t here to just make it day to day.  We are here to make a difference!  It may be in the life of one person today…but that one person sees Jesus and that one person shines bright.  You have made a difference that goes way beyond survival.  You have made a difference that will continue to go on and on and on.

It isn’t like you seek out to make a name for yourself.  You seek out to make God known.  You point to the Father.  You direct people in the Way.  You show people God’s love.  You do so much more than survive…You show people what it means to know and follow Jesus.  That is more than just surviving!

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