Praise HIM!

25 Mar

This morning, we celebrate Palm Sunday.  This is the beginning of Holy Week and an important week to remember, to reflect and to seek.

Luke 19:28-40

Jesus is riding into Jerusalem – the victor – what the crowd is doing is normal to welcome someone who has been a king and conqueror.  Little did they know that the ultimate victory had not even come yet.

This is also a fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy…they events told long ago are slowly unfolding right before their eyes and they don’t even realize it.

They are praising God for what Jesus had done already.  Think about it.  He has really made a huge difference in lives.  He has healed the sick, made the blind to see, made the lame to walk, awoken the dead.  He has made quite the impact on their lives.

They are joyful and praising for what they have seen.  But, what they are about to see is more than they can even comprehend.  As of this point, they still don’t get who He really is…some never will.

The idea that they were praising and were joyful for what they had seen makes sense to me and makes me wonder if we praise for the same reasons.

This Palm Sunday, here are a couple of questions for you to consider as you praise Him this Holy Week:

-Do we praise Him for who He is or who we want Him to be?

Jesus was and is unexpected.  He isn’t who they might have wanted Him to be.  He may not be what we want Him to be always.  We may want more of a no obligation wish granter than a king for our lives.  We may want more of a helper when times are tough than a God who wants to lead and guide every day of our lives.

-Do we praise Him for what He has done or what we want Him to do?

Do we praise Him only when He does what we thought He should?  Do we look for times when God is working and praise Him when He corrects us and shows us the right way?  Do we praise Him when He redirects us?  Do we praise Him when times are tough and not at all what we would want them to be?

-Do we praise Him from our heart because we love Him more than words or praise Him with what we have left?

Do we give God our all in praise or do we give Him our leftovers?  He is deserving of our best and our all.  He is conquering King and should be the Lord of our lives.  He should be leading and guiding us continually…not just when we feel like we are lost.

Psalms continually reminds us to praise the Lord for so many reasons.  Praise Him through it all…even when things aren’t going our way…Praise Him with our all, no our leftovers…Praise Him for all

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