19 Mar

Psalm 25

What does it mean to say “I Put My Trust In the Lord”?

Look at what David is saying as he says this…

Someone who puts their trust in the Lord is:

-Seeking the ways of the Lord

Wants to know what God’s ways are…how they can follow those ways…actively seeking to find out how God wants it done

-Learning His paths

Studying what those paths are…allowing the Lord to reach their heart and be taught…becoming a student

-Led in truth

Knowing what the truth is and then following in that truth…not swaying from what the truth is

-Remembers that He is the same yesterday, today and forever

Looking at the ways of God and knowing that if something isn’t coinciding, make sure it is of God

-Realizes the great mercy of the Lord

Can’t know His great mercy until we know our great need.  What is He saving us from…what does His mercy really mean for us as sinners

-Recognizes that we are sinful and need Him

If we don’t know that we have sin, we don’t know we need a Savior.  Otherwise, we can handle this on our own

How does this all happen?

By getting and staying in the Word.  Humbly seeking Him and being willing to learn.

We seek His ways by studying His ways…we learn the paths by studying the paths and being taught…we are led in truth when we recognize the truth…we know His infiniteness when we look at it in the Word…we know we are sinners and the amount of His great mercy through the Word

Where do we go from here?

-Keep our eyes fixed on Him

-Allow Him to take care of us

-Spend much time in the Word and in prayer.

Can you really say, “I put my trust in the Lord”???

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