Get ready…and GO!

15 Jan

It is the beginning of a new year.  We often think about resolutions and things we want to change.  I want us to focus on finding out what God is doing in and through you.

In order to do that, let’s look at the scripture in Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.

He is helping people to get morally and ethically ready…as well as spiritually.  His proclamation is one of repentance.  He is helping them to get prepared for what is to come.

John tells them that the Savior is coming.  He was encouraging about the good news of the coming Savior.  Then, Jesus comes on the scene.  Jesus is about 30 yrs old at this point.  He is ready to begin His ministry…ready to do what He is called to do.  His first step in showing this completion is baptism.  This is a huge beginning to the ministry of Jesus.

You may be wondering how this relates to you.  You aren’t Jesus…I’m not Jesus.  There are a couple of things that I want you to notice that we can learn, both from the people and from Jesus.

First, the hearts and minds of the people are opened.  We know because they were waiting expectantly…they were excited…ready for the Savior.

This was long awaited.  John is the first real one to come on the scene about the Savior in a really long time.  Their hearts are finally ready for Jesus.

If your hearts and minds aren’t ready, you won’t be ready for what the Lord has for you.  You can’t do or keep doing what the Lord has for you unless you are ready…ready through prayer (notice that Jesus prayed) and realization that you can’t do this on your own…humbled

Second, Jesus is baptized as are the others.  He is baptized as the beginning of the calling for which He came.  He didn’t have to be baptized…He wasn’t a sinner and didn’t need people to see that He had repented.  He didn’t need to know He was the Son of God…He knew that.  This was the beginning of what God had sent Him for.

For us, true repentance and trust in the Savior is the start of doing what we are called to do.  Remember…if our hearts and minds are ready, then we will realize our need for a Savior…and will realize our need for cleansing and a brand new start…

Third, Jesus began and fulfilled His calling.  What about you?  You have your heart ready…you have repented and are focused…what are you going to do now?

That’s where many of us fizzle.  We want to do something…and we often think we have to do something big.  We think we have to set the world on fire…ever heard the song…it only takes a spark?

We fizzle because we have our own ideas and agendas.  We want to make a big splash in this life.  So, we set out to do just that.  In the process, we completely miss our calling.  We completely miss what God has sent us for.  We miss what He wants us to do. The problem is that God has created us to do something special and it isn’t to copy other people’s ministries.  Our ministry may be menial by worldly standards but makes a big impact in heavenly standards.  Our calling may be to make a difference through our jobs or families or relationships…our calling may be simple and seemingly small.  But, what God has called you to do, He is ready for you to do.  He wants you to give your all to whatever it is that He has called you to do…no matter what.

You want to begin to do what God has called or continue in that.  How about having a clean, prepared, repentant heart and let God show you what He wants YOU to do…for you are fearfully and wonderfully made…for His purpose and His good will.  If you are already doing His will, be thankful, and be renewed.  Don’t get discouraged in doing what He would have you to do.  Don’t try to do it by yourself.  If He called you to do it, He will lead you every step of the way and will give you the strength, power and courage to do it.  Don’t give up…God IS at work!  Are you doing it?

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