Salvation and Light

01 Jan

Who is Jesus?  Why did He come?  What was He up to?  Over the last four weeks, we looked at some of the purposes which Jesus came.  He came to execute justice, to provide for the cleansing of sins, to provide the bread of life for the hungry, and to bring love into the hearts of those who believe.  He is still doing all of these things for us today.

Today, we will continue to look at what Jesus came to do in the story of a faithful person.  Luke 2:21-35

In today’s scripture, we see that Mary and Joseph are Jews and are doing what is customary for a newborn baby.  Jesus is brought to the temple.  But, Jesus is not just an ordinary baby.  Jesus is the Son of God.  A man named Simeon appears at the temple.  He confirms for them what the angel had told them…Jesus will be the salvation and a light to all.

But, who is this man, Simeon?  I think it is important to see who this is that is proclaiming these words over Jesus.  I want to point out a few attributes of Simeon that stood out to me.

First, Simeon is a righteous and devout man.  He was a man of God.  He sought to do the right thing.

Second, he was such the man of God that he listened to the Holy Spirit who was with him.  He was so in tune with the Holy Spirit that he knew when to go into the temple by the Spirit’s leading.  He was in the right place at the right time because of God, not because of him.

Third, he had received a promise.  He was told that he would see the consolation of Israel.  He had been waiting for this day.  He knew that God kept His promises.  Note though that the promise he was given actually was not all about him…it wasn’t for his wealth or sole benefit.  He was going to see a promise fulfilled that would change hearts and lives.

Fourth, he knew when the promise was fulfilled and he praised God for it.  He had waited his whole life to see this promise fulfilled and when he did, he knew to praise God for His almighty works.

Simeon was a man of God.  He listened to God and was led by God.  He knew Jesus was to come and he knew how.  He also knew when it had been fulfilled.  Jesus was the answer.  He brought salvation.  He brought light because He was the light.  He brought all the promises for Israel and for all of the world.

Who is Jesus to you?  Simeon knew who Jesus was.  Mary and Joseph are beginning to understand who He is.  Do you know who Jesus is?  Who is He to you?

Is He your light and your salvation?  Are you allowing Him to lead you like Simeon was led?  We may not be because we are not living the life He has called us to live.  We not know the promises that God has because we aren’t listening.  We may not hear the leading because we aren’t paying attention.  He is the light and the salvation.  Who is He to you?

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