Third Sunday of Advent…Hungry

20 Dec

Are you HUNGRY?  Have you ever been hungry?  I don’t mean just a little hungry…I mean REALLY hungry?  The kind of hungry that makes you driven even though you are weak…the kind of hungry that has you seeking and searching, looking for something that will satisfy…that deep, painful hunger?  Not too long ago, Snickers ran a commercial where people were driven and weren’t satisfied until they got their Snickers…remember Snickers Satisfies?  When we hunger for things of this world, we will always hunger again.  When we hunger for food today at lunch, we will hunger again soon…some sooner than others.

The things of this world will never satisfy the hungers that we have deep within us.  The people of Jesus’ day were hungry.  I’m not talking about hungry for food or water.  But, they were hungry.  Remember that God had been silent for around 400 years.  Many of the people had had enough of the religious protocol.  They were hungry for God.  They were hungry to hear from God.  They were hungry to be with God.  Let’s look at a few scriptures this morning beginning with Matthew 1:22-25.

In these passages, we read about another purpose that God came to fulfill…He was Immanuel…God with us.  God was going to satisfy that deep hunger that the people had by sending Jesus.  We read in the beatitudes…Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”  Jesus was in the hunger fulfillment business…

You might also remember another passage about the woman at the well…Jesus asks her for a drink of water and she questions Him regarding His request because He is a Jew and she is a Samaritan (a cultural ‘no-no’).  John 4:10-15.  Jesus came to bring fulfillment with living water.

One last passage to remember…one that stirred up much controversy…not just when He said it, but even when it was written down.  John 6:26-35.  Here, we see that Jesus is a fulfillment of hunger and thirst for those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty.

So, I want to look back to the beginning of the message…are you HUNGRY?  Do you really hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Do you have a desire deep within you that isn’t filled with anything in this world?  Is there a hole in you that you have tried to fill with so many other things only to find out that you come up empty and unfulfilled?  That is because only Jesus is the real bread of life.  He who comes to Him will be filled.

With the tragedy in Connecticut that cuts to the heart of all of us, I am reminded of just how hungry I am for Him.  With the unrest politically in our world, I am hungry for Him.  With the uncertainties that this world holds, I am hungry for Him.  With the constant push to get more, better, faster…I am hungry for Him.  With every waking moment, may we become more hungry for Him.  Only when we are hungry for the true bread will we ever be truly filled.  Are you HUNGRY?

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