Second Sunday of Advent

12 Dec

Advent began last week.  This year’s theme for advent is remembering what Jesus came to do when He came into this world, and what He will come to finish at His second coming.  The first week, we looked at how Jesus came to execute justice.

This week, the scripture will show us what Jesus came to do.  Luke 5:27-32.

First, we notice that Jesus is not doing what the religious people of that day would do.  Jesus is sitting down as a guest with the common people.  He is going where the Pharisees and scribes would not have gone.  They would have been way too uncomfortable and that would have been below their standards.  Because of their obvious discomfort, they are very upset with Jesus.

Second, notice that Jesus isn’t going to be a tax collector.  Jesus isn’t going to learn the ropes of how to collect money and steal from the poor.  He wasn’t going to learn a “get rich quick scheme”.  He had all the riches He ever needed or wanted in His Father.  If that’s what He wanted, He was with the right group.  They could certainly show Him the ropes.

Instead, He was going because He had made a difference in Levi and wanted to make a different in the lives of those who were there.  He wasn’t going to become one of them, but wanted them to follow Him as Levi had agreed to do.  Levi invited Jesus to His house where there would be other tax collectors. Levi had experienced what Jesus could do and wanted to celebrate that.

Third, Jesus states a purpose of why He came to earth.  He came to call sinners to repentance.

Joseph was told about this purpose before Jesus was born.  Matthew 1:20,21.   Jesus and Jesus ONLY will save His people from their sins.

This is most important for today.  Jesus was there to help bring repentance to those who were in sin.  There were people Jesus constantly met who saw their sin and their need for Him.  The Pharisees and scribes were also in sin.  They just didn’t see their sin.  They felt justified.  Unfortunately, they were missing why Jesus had come.  When Jesus forgave sins, they were in an uproar.  Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.  The lost are those in sin.

We are lost without Him.  Lost from what?  We are lost in our sin without true hope, true joy, true peace, and true love.  Without Him, we are left to believe that humankind offers us hope and joy and peace and love.  If we look around the world, we see that this isn’t going to happen.  People will let us down.  People will hurt us.

Living in this sinful world is tough…really tough.  There are things that just aren’t fair about this world.  There are things we will never understand.  This world can certainly cause us to lose hope.  It can certainly attempt to steal our joy.  Only through the saving power of Jesus can we look beyond the circumstances of this world and see Him.  We don’t have to understand why things happen…we just have to understand the One who came to overcome this world…and the sins of this world.

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