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God does have a plan for you.  Some of us are in the middle of God’s plan and in the middle of His will.  That is a great place to be, but not always a comfortable and easy place to be.  To be in the middle of God’s plan can be out of our comfort zone, but in His perfect peace.

But, we have to understand something about those in God’s will.  The people in God’s will don’t all look the same.  They don’t all talk the same.  They don’t all dress the same.  They don’t all live in the same neighborhood or drive the same cars.  Those in God’s will aren’t all of a certain economic status.  Those in God’s will have varied pasts, different life situations, and multiple experiences.  They are of different ages and races.

What unites them are not the same as the things that unite people in this world.  Some people come together because they have a common cause in mind.  Some come together because they have associations with others.  That isn’t what brings people together who are doing God’s will.

Many don’t quite get this…and the Jews didn’t quite get it either.  Galatians 6:11-15.  This is an interesting text because we are of a different time, culture and generation.  Paul is addressing the Galatians because there are those who are telling them that in order to be ‘real Christians’, they must be circumcised.  This was the law for the Jews.  It was part of a covenant with God.  There are many bringing Jewish law with them as Christians and demanding others follow the law.

Paul explains that circumcision isn’t what defines the person…following the law doesn’t give you new life.  He says that a new life comes through Jesus Christ and with him, we are a NEW CREATION.

This is debated in many of Paul’s letters because so many people were holding on to Jewish law as a way to be saved.  Paul explains that faith is what makes the difference and faith makes us a new creation.

As a new creation, we don’t completely forget who we are and how we got here.  We are a new creation because Jesus Christ, through believing in Him, offers us the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins.  But, God uses who we are (He created us) and what we have been through as part of this transformation into a new creation.

When we come to Him, ready to trust, completely open to what He has for us, He puts us right in the middle of His will and His plan.  Amazingly, this plan uses who we are to fulfill His will.  That’s why we can come from different backgrounds and different life experiences and join together as new creations to serve Him.  When God’s people do that, He works in a mighty and powerful way.

So, here are a couple of questions for you…

-Are you a new creation?  Do you have faith in Jesus Christ and believe in Him as your Lord and Savior?  Do you really trust Him and have a desire to follow?

-If you are a new creation, what is God doing through, in and around you?  What is it that He can use from who you are, where you have been, and what you have been through to help others?

-If you are a new creation and following God’s will, have you looked around to see if there are others who need encouragement to do the same?  Are there people who need your experiences so that they might become a new creation and find God’s will?  If not, you may want to take off your blinders and realize that being a new creation doesn’t change who you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside.

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