Fulfill your calling

17 Sep

Last week, we looked at having faith in the Lord, rather than in ourselves.  Faith in ourselves or earthly things will not get us far.  We should put all our faith in Him.

This week, I want to look at a scripture which gives us some things to consider at people of faith and followers of Jesus Christ.  Initially, you may think that this is only for preachers.  However, this is for all ministers and if you have been called, then you are given a responsibility to minister.

2 Timothy 4:1-5

This scripture begins with a charge…something to do that is important.  This is important to the Lord.  The charge is to PREACH THE WORD!

You may be thinking that you don’t preach and you don’t want to be preached to.  But, I challenge you to read on.  There are many important lessons behind this charge.

There is a problem that is coming and Paul is aware of it.  In fact, this is a problem for many in our world today.  The problem is that people only want to hear what is pleasing to them.

In other words, we want our cake and eat it too.  We want to have Jesus but without any strings attached.  We want to follow Him when it is convenient and makes us wealthy.  We want to know Him but don’t want to get personally involved…we just want great times.

That isn’t how the gospel is presented at all.  We aren’t suppose to change the gospel so that people like it better.  The gospel is really about “getting your hands dirty”.  It is about doing what God calls us to do and that often means spreading the message and showing love to those we don’t associate with.

Often, the gospel is about doing unto the least of these.  It isn’t really about us at all.  That in itself is a shift for our culture.  The gospel is about us being obedient to the call and spreading the love of Jesus to everyone.  It is not about what we can get out of it.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we end up doing many, many thankless jobs.  That means that we end up getting our hands dirty and then no one may not even notice.  That’s okay!  It isn’t about us at all.  If we make it about us, we have taken Jesus out of the equation.

We are to be watchful.  That means that we need to keep our eyes open.  We need to keep our eyes open to the opportunities right before us.  But, it also means that we need to keep our eyes open to deception.  Don’t fall into traps because it sounds good to us.  The gospel is not about easy living and rewards here on earth.

We are to endure.  We will often find that what we do doesn’t seem to help anyone or make a difference.  There will be times when we question our call.  We will wonder if we have it right.  But, when adversity comes, hang in there.  Listen to the Lord who is leading and guiding, even in the midst of problems.  Many times, problems in this world do not equate to problems for the Lord.

Finally, do what you are called to do.  Do whatever it is that is your ministry.  I know that many are still looking for their ministry.  Some have felt a leading to do something but are running scared.  Do what you are called to do.  God is with you all the way.

So, MINISTERS (aka people of God), let us run the race that is before us…moving forward for Him…doing what He calls us to do…nothing more…nothing less.

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