Faith…where is it?

11 Sep

Not too long ago, I went through some of the important parts of who we are as Christians and challenged each of us to re-think different parts of Christianity.  We looked at rethinking what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be a steward, what it means to worship, what it means to serve.

Today, I want us to really consider what role our faith plays in our lives.  I want to challenge you today to rethink faith.

To begin, let’s look at just a few of the places where Jesus either commends for having faith or scolds for lack of faith…

Matthew 8:9-10 – the centurion has great faith

Matthew 8:25-26 – disciples have not enough faith

Matthew 9:21-22, 28-29 – woman’s faith is reason she is healed, blind men healed according to their faith

Matthew 14:29-31 – Peter has faith but lets the circumstances take his faith away

Matthew 15:28 – woman’s daughter is healed because of her great faith

Matthew 16:7-8 – disciples lack faith in what He is teaching them

Matthew 17:19-20 – Disciples receive a lesson on faith due to their lack

Notice a theme in these verses.  First, the disciples seem to continuously lack faith.  They are the very ones who are walking with Jesus!  They seem Him do incredible things day in and day out.  They experienced His power.  Yet, Jesus reminds them over and over again that they lack faith.

We also see many times that they are fearful, not fully given over to Him and sometimes just seem to forget Who they are serving and following.  They do lack faith on so many occasions.  Yet, the people Jesus encounters have great faith.  They have the faith that can move mountains, and it does.  People receive healing and their faith is reinforced.

We often say we have faith, but seem to doubt God can do anything.  We grow discouraged because things aren’t going our way.  We are reminded that just because things are not like we want them, we are to be obedient and have faith that God is in control and can handle anything we encounter.

God is bigger than any problem we face, but it certainly is difficult to remember that when we are in the storm…even though He has brought us through more storms that we can even remember or imagine.

The people Jesus commended believed in His power despite what others said or did.  They knew that if they could just touch his garment or get His attention or sit at His feet, things would change.  They knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They knew it.

We forget that we serve that same God…that can do anything.  He may not do it our way, but He can do it!  We come to Him doubting or with strong faith until the storms really kick up.  Then we are ready to throw in the towel and do things our way

That isn’t the God we serve.  Our God never fails.  I don’t know why things happen no more than you do.  But, I know that if we put our whole faith in Him, things change.  Maybe our situation doesn’t change, maybe it is us who changes.  Maybe our situation does change.  Maybe nothing seems to change at first and we have to be diligent about coming before Him.

We also have to be about His work.  How dare we feel like we have faith but aren’t obedient.  If God calls us to do something, part of faith is that we do it.  We do it because He gives us the strength and the power to do it.  There isn’t anything about us…it is all Him.  But if we aren’t obedient, we are showing Him that we lack faith that He really can take care of us.

So, do you find yourselves with the people who had the faith or with the disciples who were lacking?  Where do you stand today?

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