Re-think being a servant

30 Jul

This month, we have been re-thinking some of the things we just take for granted as Christians.  We have even looked at re-thinking Christianity.  Today, we will continue along those lines as we re-think being a servant.

Often the Bible teaches us to be a servant.  We are told to serve others.  But, the concept of being a servant has taken a hit in our society.

When we think of being a servant, we may think of menial tasks that we hate.  We may have the concept of Cinderella before the ball with her wicked stepmother.

So, when we think about being a servant, we may have a negative connotation and want to go away from that.

Today, for a moment, let’s try and put those images out of our mind.  Let’s begin where we have for the last several weeks when we re-think things.  We are no ordinary servants.  We are unique servants.  For we are servants to the Most High King.

Think about it…we are servants of Jesus.  Jesus is our King, our Savior, our Lord.  He is the One that we look to for direction.  As our King and the One we look to, He loves us.  He doesn’t give us things to do on this earth out of a system of punishment.  We aren’t serving the evil stepmother.  We are serving the Most High King.

If we remember just how much Jesus loves us, being His servant will begin to take on a whole new meaning.  For today, we are going to look at a scripture that is not what you might expect when thinking about being a servant. 

Matthew 5:13-16

What do I want you to think about as we look at this scripture?

As servants of Christ, we are to shine bright.  We aren’t suppose to look as those we are out doing chores which we loathe.  We shouldn’t look like we are being punished by serving the Lord.  That isn’t what serving is when it comes to Jesus.

What does it take to shine bright?  Consider these things when considering what it takes to shine bright as a servant of the Most High:

First, we shine bright because we have chosen to serve.  We weren’t forced into being a servant.  This isn’t a form of slavery.  The Lord didn’t force us to follow Him.  He offered this amazing gift, but we didn’t have to take it.

As a follower, we are called to serve.  That is the example He set forth.  If we know who Jesus is through the Word, we automatically know that serving is huge.  Many of the concepts taught by Jesus were around serving God and serving others.  Service is not a surprise when you become a follower of Jesus.  It is understood.

It is easier to shine bright if it is something you have chosen to do…not something you were forced to do

Second, we shine bright because we serve with love.  In thinking about the example of the One we follow, Jesus didn’t serve begrudgingly.  He didn’t do it with a hard heart or just because He knew it was the thing to do.

Jesus served because He had the love in His heart to do it.  He saw things in people that no one else did…think about the people He hung around.  He saw through to the heart.  He did what He did out of love.

If we serve with a heart of love, we will shine bright.

Finally, we shine bright because we serve with passion.  God has placed something within you and me that we will never understand.  He has placed this passion to do His will…to fulfill YOUR calling in a unique way.

God has given each of us a unique passion that is to be used for Him.  We choose how we live out that passion.  We are shining bright not for our own glory but for the glory of God.  If we are properly using the passion that He has put inside of us, it will be for His glory.

When you think of this passion, think of what drives you.  Think of the things that really get you going.  Then think of how you can use this passion for the glory of God.

Maybe you use your passion to feed the hungry or provide shelter or offer clothing or visit those in need…Whatever it is that God has put inside of you, use it for His glory.

If we remember that we chose to follow willingly, we serve with love, and we follow our passion in service…we will shine bright and others will see it in us and glorify the Father in heaven.

Now that is more than service with a smile…
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