Prepare for the battle

03 Jul

As I think about July 4th and our freedoms, I am sure that many of us take for granted what a blessing it is to live in America.  For those who have fought to keep us free and for those who continue to fight, I am most thankful.

As a nation, freedom isn’t free.  We constantly have to be on the alert for what could happen and be as prepared as possible for what is ahead.  We have to realize how the enemy works so that we can be most prepared for any attack which may come our way.

We fail if we think that we are always safe from the enemy and put down our guard and rest because we think we have it all figured out.

As Christians, we face very similar circumstances.  We have Jesus in our heart, we come to church, we may even read our Bibles and pray occasionally…nothing could happen to us…right?

Well, the Bible paints quite a different picture of a Christian…Paul doesn’t write about Christians just doing a few things and resting.  Paul actually writes about a battle that is going on and if we ignore the battle, we can get lured into enemy camp…and fall into traps, wondering how we ever even got there.

Ephesians 6:10-20– a scripture which I think needs to be revisited on a regular basis because of its reminders

If we turn our backs or think that sin doesn’t exist or that we are somehow exempt from being tempted, we are fooling ourselves. 

We have to always be ready and prepared as we move forward in this world.  There are so many temptations out there and so many things that can fool us into thinking it is all okay.  We can even get tricked into putting down our armor for thoughts that we aren’t even fighting a battle any longer.

The truth is that we are fighting a daily battle to serve the Lord and not fall into the temptations that can consume our time and attention.  If we are not constantly ready for the battle, we will get caught in the rush of sin.

We do this by constantly putting on the whole armor of God – that is important because without every piece of armor, something is exposed which allows us to be vulnerable to what is out there

So, we have to be people of TRUTH…Truth that Jesus is Savior…Truth that we aren’t perfect but loved…Truth that we know THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE

We have to be people of RIGHTEOUSNESS – not giving in to the filth of the world.  That isn’t easy because it is so accessible.  We have an example to follow.

We have to bring PEACE with us wherever we go.  That doesn’t mean giving in or becoming a doormat – but means that we are filled with the peace that passes all understanding and we share that.

We have to hold firm to our FAITH…not wavering in what we know

We have to remember we have been offered SALVATION and that it is available to all the world if only they believe…it wasn’t earned and isn’t deserved and because of this – the Holy Spirit living in us can lead, guide and direct us.

We have to carry our WORD with us wherever we go…whether carrying the Bible in our hands or in our hearts.  Know it so that you can follow it.

Finally, we are to be people of prayer – encouraging each other in prayer and lifting each other up.  We are people who love the Lord and love His people…praying for those who are struggling just like us.

May we be people of boldness to stand firm and face the battle that is before us!  

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