The Unlikely Chosen

29 Jun

Last week, we looked at the obedient hearts of Samuel and David versus the disobedience of Saul.

Today, we will begin to look at how that obedient heart is used by God through David.

1 Samuel 17:20-51 – a powerful story of victory and faithfulness

But, let’s take a look at this story a little more because there are some important things going on we shouldn’t miss in this story we probably heard as a child

1 – David was the most unlikely person to go into battle

He was the youngest with no real battle experience.  His oldest brother chastised him for even considering such.  He thought he was doing it for himself.  His brother was obviously jealous of him.
In 17:33, Saul told David it wasn’t possible because he didn’t have the training and Goliath was a man of war for years – not to mention a force to be feared.
There was nothing about David that would lead anyone to believe this was possible.

2 – The Spirit of God was upon David

For me, this may be the most important message of the scripture.  In 16:13, we read that the Spirit was upon David from that day forward.
David wasn’t fighting this battle alone!  David had God with him when he faced this giant.  He had no reason to fear because he was obeying God.

3 – No one around David understood the power of God – even though they are God’s people.

The armies of God don’t get it.  They are so clouded by their own fears and their own understandings of what is going on, they aren’t allowing their faith to lead them. 
David isn’t around a bunch of people who are cheering him on because they know the power of God.  They are shaking in the corner with fear (17:24).

4 – David isn’t intimidated by the by the enemy because he has experienced the power of God.

In 17:34-37, David has faced many times of being face to face with danger – but he has also seen God work.  He knows that God can bring about victory – he has experienced it!

5 – David doesn’t need what others tell him is right for the battle.

17:38-40, Saul tries to suit him up because that is what is needed for battle – but not for David.  This is God’s battle, David just needs to be willing and obedient.

David even gets made fun of – Goliath is even insulted that he would come into battle with so little.

6 – David’s obedience makes a huge impact because God’s power is shown.  17:45-47 – David stated his purpose before the victory and gave God the glory.

This is KEY!  David is showing the power of God, not the power of David.  The Israelites and those around get a glimpse into the power of the living God!

How can you make a difference with the power of the living God in you?
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