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Growing up, I knew what it meant to be obedient.  I also knew that there were consequences to being disobedient.  That didn’t always stop me, but it at least deterred me.  Today’s scripture gives us a contrast of obedience vs disobedience

1 Samuel 16:1-13

Lots going on in this familiar scripture.  Samuel has been mourning the fact that God has rejected Saul as king of Israel.  Saul has made some really bad choices – he has clearly been disobedient…look back with me for clarity – 1 Samuel 15:22-23.

Saul was devastated, Samuel was mourning – it was a mess…but God had a plan.  God sent Samuel on a mission.  He was to go to present an offering and make sure that Jesse’s family was there.  God wanted to show Samuel who the next King would be…

Note that Samuel is obedient in moving forward…He goes and finds Jesse and begins looking at his sons – all the while God reminding him that it isn’t outward appearance.  Finally David is summonsed and he is God’s pick…David who did become king…David who absolutely made mistakes but really had a desire to obey and do the right thing.

It is always interesting that we only want God to bless us in our lives but we don’t want punishment for our disobedience to Him.  None of us desire to be punished BUT we do need correction from God – we should expect correction from the Lord when we go the wrong direction.

The important thing for us is that, like David, when we realize that we have gone wrong, we spend time in true repentance.  We don’t try to lie or figure our way out…just admit and repent.  God provides redemption for the repentant, but for those who just keep running away from Him…sticking to their lie…there are consequences.  David is anointed as a young boy.  After the anointing, he had some amazing feats and some great challenges.  It didn’t mean he would have an easy road.  He could have gone a different way and not been king because of the tough road

Think of all that would have been missed by being disobedient.  CS Lewis wrote: “Whatever you do, He will make good of it.  But not the good He had prepared for you if you had obeyed Him.”

We are to be obedient to God, listening to His commands, following in His will and His way.  Disobedience has a price.  If we are on the wrong path, there is redemption which follows true repentance.  What will you choose?
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