Everyday Ordinary

10 Jun

Let’s begin today by looking at a familiar scripture –
Acts 9:10-18

Note how God is working all of this out:

First, Saul is very well known but not for any good reason in Christianity.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  He is scary.  But, God humbles him in an instant.

We know that God has and will continue to humble him because of what he tells Ananias.  He tells him in vs 16 that he will show him how he must suffer many things for His name’s sake.

Always remember that God has the ability to bring anyone to their knees and that he can confound the wise and give strength to the weak.  God knows what He is doing .

Next, the Lord gives Saul a vision of how he will receive his sight back – he will get his sight WHEN a man named Ananias comes and lays hands on him.

Interesting that if you notice that the Lord had already given this vision counting on Ananias to be faithful and say yes to what he needed him to do.

Now, we know that God is God and He knows what He is doing.  But, He also knows that Ananias is a faithful follower.  He knows that Ananias is a willing vessel.  He is a follower willing to do what He has been called to do – even if it means something ‘out of the ordinary.’

Third, Ananias understands who Saul is.  He knows what he has been doing to Christians.  He knows that Saul comes with heavy authority to kill people just like him.

It is important to note that Ananias knows who Saul is because we begin to understand the faithfulness of Ananias.  He isn’t just going up to someone God sent him to, to just lay hands on them.  This is a huge enemy in his world and to his faith system.  This is like going up to the leader of a major movement against Christianity.  This is a huge call for a follower.

Fourth, Ananias agrees and calls Saul “Brother”.  Ananias does agree to go.  He doesn’t let his fears stop him from following God.  He doesn’t let it stop him from serving.

He had fears.  This was a huge deal.  But, he still agrees.  And when he arrives to where this man is, he doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

Saul is weak – humbled – I’m sure he is a mess (blind, hasn’t eaten in days, confused) – his world view has been shred.  Ananias could have taken advantage of it – but didn’t.  He called him BROTHER.  That is exactly the right attitude. 

Saul is a brother in Christ despite his past.  Ananias doesn’t let what he knows about him to stop him from being his brother.  That is huge.

Lastly, Saul becomes a strong force for the Lord.  God humbled, Ananias was faithful, Saul answered the call, the name of Jesus was spread to the Gentiles.

God’s mission was and is accomplished because of everyday ordinary people who were faithful to the call.  Notice God didn’t call one of the 12 disciples.  He called exactly who He needed.  Is He calling YOU?  I think so. 

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