Eagerly Waiting

24 May

In this world, we find that we always want something more.  We want to biggie size our meal…we want a new outfit…we want more money…we want the latest gadget…we want something more
While those things will all pass away, I want to challenge you that your body, mind and soul does want something more…and so does all the earth…but it isn’t what you might think…

Romans 8:18-24
There is a sequence of lessons contained here and we need to understand each to get the larger picture that Paul is giving in this message

1 – Sufferings here are nothing compared to the glory (vs18)
First, Paul knows suffering and knows that the Romans are suffering for the cause of Christ.  To be a Christian is no small deal.  Paul knows that if they follow Christ, they will suffer for it.

He is providing a reassurance to them that although they suffer here, there is a coming glory.  He has already been teaching them about living in the Spirit.  He has taught them that to live by the Spirit is life and peace.

But, to live according to God is not easy and there will be suffering…however something better is coming…but what?

2 – Creation is eagerly waiting

In this scripture, we see that creation itself (basically everything that is not human) is waiting for something.  It says that creation is in bondage.  To understand this, we would need to go back to Genesis.

If we go back to Genesis 3 (specifically vs 17 and 18), we see that the ground was cursed because of Adam’s sin.  So creation is waiting on humanity to be revealed

3 – Humanity is eagerly waiting

So, why is creation waiting for the children of God to be revealed?  In this world of sin and suffering, it is often difficult to see the true intentions of people

There are people who really do love the Lord and want to advance the kingdom…then there are those who just want to do good things…then there are those who just want to muddle through

It can be difficult in this world of sin to tell who are the children of God…and although the fruit should show – suffering can seem to hide that fruit sometimes. 

So when will they be revealed?  Humanity is eagerly waiting to be revealed at Christ’s second coming when Christ will reign. 

4 – Hope is now and just ahead

Ok, so does that mean we just sit around and wait for Christ’s return?  No! The children of God have work to do until He comes.

We have a hope in knowing that Christ will come again and we will be redeemed.  We will all be with Him – but, until then…we have been put here for a reason.

Two of those reasons we have just talked about…

We are to understand that sufferings for Christ are just for a little while – but that doesn’t stop us from serving and following and being His disciples day by day

We are to take care of creation…Notice that this scripture says that creation is being transformed – that means that what we have now will be part of this new earth…which means we have a responsibility as the children of God to take care of it…God’s creation…

How can you make a difference?

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