17 May

1 John 4:18-5:6

These verses have a strong message, but one that I think is timely
Here are a few “take aways” from this scripture:

1 – To love God is to love one another

That isn’t always easy in a world where there are so many different views and opinions – and people are very sensitive about their views and ideas
The problem is not that we don’t all agree.  The problem is not that we have differing opinions.  The problem is that when we allow those differences to keep us from loving others.
I can certainly have a love for others that I do not share the same views with.  Why?  Because I have the love of God that has been given to me and I can then give to others
This is not the conditional love that we see in the world – I love you if you do what I say or you think like I think or you agree with me.  This is a love that is quite different
We see that this love is not out of fear or torment, but we love because God loves us and has given us this love
Love doesn’t mean I agree with sins or wrongdoings…but it means that I love despite the fact that we are all sinful people

2 – To love God is to keep His commandments

It is not always easy to keep His commandments because His commandments don’t always go along with what the world says.  His commandments are quite different…love God, love your neighbor, don’t covet, give up your life for Him…the complete opposite of what we are taught
Plus, it requires some effort.  We live in a world where we don’t see any use in putting effort in things that don’t produce immediate results…especially things that don’t produce results in the here and now.
People who think that following God will bring them $$ are glad to be in church…but are they worshiping God or $$?  Bible says you can’t worship both!

3 – Faith is the key to victory

To overcome the world is to live by faith
The world isn’t ever going to give us what we deep down desire.  We will never find true peace, love, or joy in this world.  But, Jesus has overcome the world!  We can too with faith in Jesus Christ.
Real truth is through Jesus Christ
If we believe in Him, we love one another, follow His commandments, then we have the victory…does this describe YOU?
Can YOU be described as living a victorious, abundant life?

Be careful not to answer that by the world’s standards, but by God’s!
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