The Obedience of Philip

08 May

Acts 8:4-8; 26-40

This Scripture has meant a great deal to me over the last semester.  Each week, we had an opportunity to look at these verses and hear what God had spoken to each of us in the class.  It reminds us that God’s Word is alive and active and sharper than any two edged sword!  For today, I have narrowed the lessons down to 4.  These are important lessons for anyone who is a Christian…and thus, in ministry.  All of us as followers of Christ are called into some type of ministry.  Some just haven’t answered the call and some are just blocking out what God is trying to tell them that He would like for them to do.  So, let’s look at just a few of the lessons that this scripture teaches. 


1 – Philip was preaching Christ and things were happening…including GREAT JOY!

Things were happening in Samaria for Philip.  That is so important because this shows that Philip was reaching beyond the traditional Jewish people to the people of Samaria.  Much discussion was had regarding Samaria when Jesus walked the earth.  There was great joy because Philip was doing the right thing and the people were open to the Holy Spirit.  God was there!  Sounds like a great place to stay and continue the ministry, but God had other plans. 

2 – Philip was obedient in going to Gaza, even thought things were going well where he was and he didn’t know why he was going. 

God called Philip to go elsewhere…into a desert…when things were going well where he was.  It doesn’t say that he questioned God, the Bible just says that he got up and went.  He didn’t know what He would find when he reached Gaza.  He was just in tune with the Holy Spirit and he was willing to say yes to the call. 

Philip followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to the chariot.  He didn’t just go, but followed the leading of the Lord all the way to the chariot.  Someone important was waiting there. 

3 – The eunuch was ready to hear the gospel…seed had been planted and he was ready to accept what was being told to him…this was God coordinated!

When Philip got to the chariot, there was an official reading Isaiah.  Philip talks with him and finds out that this man is trying to figure it all out.  This scripture pointed to Jesus and so Philip gets the opportunity to tell this man about Jesus.  This man knew just enough to have a craving for the Word…just enough to pick up the Word…but not enough to know about Jesus – which is why Philip is there.  The seed had been planted!

4 – Things happened because Philip was obedient – Because Philip was willing to go and follow God, things happened for God!  If Philip had stayed in Samaria, things might have continued there, but God needed this eunuch to hear.  God had a plan and a purpose and put all this together. 

Would you be that obedient?  God is calling!

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