Heavenly Moments

10 Apr
Luke 24:1-8; 13-35

We celebrate that Jesus is risen!  We celebrate that He has the ultimate victory!!  Knowing that Jesus is risen is a life-changing experience for you and for me.  We know that we have an opportunity at eternal life because of a sacrifice made all those years ago.  In the reading for today, we learn about two people who were on their way to Emmaus that certainly had a life changing experience…They were on the road, talking with a Man…telling Him about their experience they had just had in Jerusalem.  Little do they know they are telling the very one who had made the sacrifice!

They had a “Heavenly Moment”

How did this happen?  Let’s look at several things to note about their heavenly moment…We might have some opportunities for such moments and I wouldn’t want us to miss them.  First, they noticed that their hearts burned when He talked with them about the scriptures and opened them up to them.  We learn that the Word of God is just that powerful…Jeremiah talks about how if he doesn’t speak, it is like fire shut up in his bones…the Word of God is powerful!  When we read and study the Word of God with the right heart and the right mind…we will be amazed at how our hearts will burn within us as well.  The Bible can give us heavenly moments!

Second, their eyes were opened to Jesus when they fellowshipped with Him..They broke bread with Him and then their eyes were opened…It is important to spend time with the Lord…fellowshipping with Him, listening to Him, communing with Him.  How does that happen?  Sometimes it is in the quiet unexpected moments that we have the ‘heavenly moment’.  We least expect Jesus to show up and He does…Sometimes fellowshipping with Jesus is actually fellowshipping with people that He has sent to us…we are obedient and do what He has asked us to do and in the obedience we find a ‘heavenly moment’…If we really look, we can see Jesus in the simplest of things…If we really obey, we can see Jesus all around us.  We can see Jesus in the work we are doing…we can see Jesus in the faces of those we reach out to…Most of the time, we see Jesus when we aren’t looking, but just blindly following Him and allowing Him to lead and guide our lives…We sit at the table and realize that He has been there all along and we see Him in places we never expected Him to show up…We see Jesus in the ‘least of these’!!

Finally, with they shared their ‘heavenly moment’ with others rather than keeping it to themselves…it was worth sharing.  Are you missing ‘heavenly moments’ because you aren’t in the Word, fellowshipping or obeying??  Are you sharing these moments with others?  Tell others about how Jesus is alive and He is working through His people.  Tell others where YOU saw JESUS!! 

Easter is behind us.  What do we do now?  The celebration is technically over.  What we do now is realize that since Jesus is alive, we get to work.  We live serving a living Savior!  We live doing His will!  We keep our eyes open to the Heavenly Moments right before us!  Be careful…Don’t miss it – He is alive!!
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