Palm Sunday

03 Apr

Sunday, we celebrated Palm Sunday – a day of celebration, of joy…or was it?

Mark 11:1-10

Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD! – What was going on?  They thought they knew who this Man was…They probably thought that they had it all figured out.  But they didn’t. They thought He would be the King…the Savior of their land…He would be the King and Savior of their souls…They could have shouted Hosanna because it seemed to be the thing to do.  It was what everyone else was doing.  Regardless..their shouts of Hosanna turned to shouts of crucify Him.  What happened to turn their cries the opposite way?  They didn’t know Him.  They knew about Him…but they didn’t know Him.  They may have been shouting for the Messiah…but didn’t see Jesus as that fulfillment.  They thought they had it all figured out…King who ‘blasphemed’ so crucify…He couldn’t be the real thing, right? 

We wouldn’t have done that would we?  We wouldn’t have fallen in those traps, would we?  Or would we?  We seem to have fallen into a lot of traps…Traps of money and power…traps of prestige and getting what we want…We don’t want a Savior, we want a wish granter…we don’t want a Savior of our souls, we want a Savior of our checkbooks.  We don’t want a Savior to redeem us, we want a savior to make sure that we live great, perfect lives….We are just like those people in Jesus’ time.  We cry shouts of Hosanna when He is doing what we think He should…but feel like walking away when things don’t go our way…We often act like spoiled, rotten, bratty children…When in reality, He calls us to a life of love and joy and peace…in HIM…which isn’t the same as IN THE WORLD…If we are looking for things in this world, our focus is on the things of this world and we WILL NOT SERVE HIM…we will serve ourselves.  If we are searching for His Heart and what He would want us to do…we will find that we are doing what HE would have us to do.  It means that we do things opposite of the world…things that doesn’t make sense to those around…Only when we truly know Him can we truly shout Hosanna and not turn our backs on the One who provides redemption…true redemption.  Who is Jesus to you?
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