Soldiers in the army of the Lord

01 Mar
Several times, I have mentioned how we, as Christians, can become lax.  We can get comfortable with our lives and what we are doing.  We can become so comfortable that we don’t even seek what God has for us or for direction…we start to enjoy where we are and forget our purpose because that takes effort.  This week, Lent began.  Lent is a time of repentance…a time of change…a time of renewal…renewal of our commitment to the Lord.  What are you looking at changing during this time?  If you are like most, we don’t know what we need to change because we haven’t actually looked at our lives and how that compares to what God would have us do.  Today’s scripture is a well known scripture.  It is one that many of us have heard, but don’t often think of what it can mean for us today – nor do we have the courage to do what is required of us.

For time purposes, I am only going to brush the surface of what this scripture means, so I encourage you to go back and study this more in depth.

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Dry bones…a vision that Ezekiel had about the whole house of Israel.  They had lost hope.  They felt that they were disconnected from God.  They were lost.  God showed Ezekiel that this wasn’t the end.  God could bring restoration.  He could bring healing.  He could make the driest bones live because He is God!!

What an awesome vision of a powerful, loving, restoring God!!  That’s what we should do during Lent restore broken relationships w/ God – find hope in HIM – allow Him to breathe real life into us through the Spirit!  We should be fighting in the army of the Lord…but instead we are hiding in our beds where it is comfortable and easy…We should be standing tall…with the armor that has been given – but we are shying away and putting away our swords in hopes that someone else will do it…God is calling us to restoration…He is calling us to new life in Him…He is calling us to a life of courage and strength and devotion.  But none of that happens when we make up our minds we are going to improve…NONE!  It happens when we give ourselves COMPLETELY to the Lord as a soldier for Him.  He breathes His Spirit in us and we are changed – we are restored – we are equipped – we are ready!!  We are weak, pitiful, sad sinners – but we are called into the army of the Lord with a mighty God who can use the weak that are willing.  Want to live?  Want to truly live?  Stand tall and sign up to be in the army of the Lord!!  Healing happens…hope is given…a relationship with Him is restored…we are ready for battle…

Will YOU SIGN UP?  God wants YOU!

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