16 Feb
Ever had one of those days when you feel like you have more on you than you can handle?  One of those weeks or months??  Sometimes, I find myself looking up to God and thinking, “really God!?!?!”  It happens that way when we seem to be “in over our heads” yet trying our best to do the right thing for the Lord…REALLY?!?!

The disciples found themselves in a similar situation as well…

Mark 6:31-44

The multitudes get to the shore before Jesus (watching Him as He crossed over)…He couldn’t get away – what the disciples thought was going to happen didn’t quite turn out that way.  Instead, he took the opportunity to teach those that had gathered – He saw that they were lost and needed the guidance.  They were hungry…there were in a  deserted place…the answer for them was to send them into the villages, which sounds simple and reasonable enough.  But, not what Jesus had in mind…He gives the command – YOU GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT…

I can just hear them now – looking back at Him with the look of “REALLY?!”…It didn’t make sense to them.  The thought about it…calculated it…it would take 200 denarii to give them something to eat…By the world’s standards – that wasn’t going to happen…no way at all…they looked at their bank accounts…this was more than they could earn in a really long time.  They were looking at the world’s economy instead of God’s…BUT, before we sympathize too much, go back to the beginning of Ch 6.

They had been sent out – 2×2 – had power over unclean spirits…had traveled with no FOOD, no bag and NO MONEY…AND great things happened.  It doesn’t say they went hungry…SO – why are they doubting Jesus now??  Because what is before their eyes doesn’t make logical sense as to what they should do…They had forgotten that they were serving God and that they were asked by God to do something that was way bigger than what they could see…They were probably thinking…REALLY???  And Jesus was responding…really…you give them something to eat.

Does your load feel like more than you can bear?  Is God calling you to do something you don’t see possible?  Is the task at hand more than you could ever actually foresee happening?  God calls us to feed His sheep, clothe those without, provide shelter for the homeless…HE SAYS FOR US TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT.  What are you going to do about it?  REALLY…

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