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24 Jan

If you will remember, during advent, we talked about the contrast between the journey of John versus the journey of Jesus.

John was called to bring a message of repentance to the people…a warning…a chance for them to change.  Jesus brought a message of redemption…he brought about the change…He was the change!

We have talked about the birth of Jesus and all that this brings for us as His people.  Today, I want to jump to a time after Jesus has grown up and is preparing for His earthly ministry.  It seems from the scriptures that Jesus has been fairly low key as a child…yes, He taught in the synagogue as one with wisdom beyond His years…but hasn’t actually begun His public ministry.  Jesus was in constant communication with the Father.  The Father wasn’t ready for Him to begin that part of His ministry.  God has a plan and a purpose for each of us…Jesus wanted to live out that plan and purpose – but in God’s time.  So, how does He begin His public ministry…where He begins to call and to heal and to touch and to change others?
Matthew 3:13-17 – Jesus is first baptized.  He is baptized by John who has been preparing the way.  John has been telling people about the importance of repentance and that the kingdom is at hand.  Jesus is baptized – not because He is a sinner and has repented…but as a sign that He is publicly showing others who He belongs to and He is ready to serve.  He commands us to baptize as well.
Matthew 4:1-11 – the temptations
Jesus then spends 40 days tempted by the devil.  Hard to say that the devil isn’t real if you read this scripture.  Jesus is tempted just like we are tempted.

Jesus is tempted with earthly things…things that would sway us – and Jesus was human.  He overcomes the temptation which was not an easy thing to do…but Jesus knows what He is on earth for and He is willing to fulfill the will of His Father.  Think about it…Jesus begins His ministry first with an outward sign of allegiance to the Father…a sign to show that He belongs to God and He is willing to serve.  THEN, He undergoes great temptation after 40 days of fasting and prayer…He does the right things and is working towards the right goals and HE STILL goes through temptations!  We wonder what is going on when things don’t go our way…when we are serving and it seems the devil is in our work…when we face all kinds of temptations…why would what we are called to do have any easier of a path than Jesus??  What does that say to us?  It means we don’t give up or weary in doing good…we are called for a purpose and a plan and that doesn’t mean it is easy…but we persevere and CARRY ON!!!
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