In need of a Savior…

09 Jan
We serve a loving God – a God who keeps promises and takes the time to listen to us.  But the God we serve doesn’t like sin…in fact sin is what can separate us from Him – something we did, not something He did.

Isaiah 59:1,2 – reminds us of that.  God is able to save and willing and ready to hear.  But what we do keeps us from Him.  What we do distances us from the Lord.  God isn’t the one who changes – we are!  We separate ourselves from Him. Paul tells us about it too.

Romans 3:10-28 – note that several of the verses quoted are from the same chapter of Isaiah that we were just in. 

1 – Paul is talking with Jews who are trying to justify their actions by using the law.  They are doing all the right things (checking all the boxes).Paul explains that the law….the commandments….the instruction is so that you recognize your sin, not so that you are justified. If we are truly worshiping the Lord, we will see our sin.  If we are truly studying His Word, we will see our sin.  If we are truly giving ourselves in prayer, we will see our sin.  The law is like a mirror.  If we truly measure ourselves according to the law…the Word…we will see what is wrong.  But, the Scriptures themselves don’t save us…they point us to what does.

2 – We are not better than anyone else.  We are all sinners.  None of us DESERVE to have the grace of God.  We will always fall short.  That means that we shouldn’t treat anyone else less than ourselves.  We are not better than anyone…regardless.  We are all sinners in need of a Savior. 

3 – The Good News:  We are sinners, but there is a Savior!
Our redemption is in Jesus Christ.  His blood was shed that we, through faith, can have forgiveness of the sins that we have committed.  This is the solution…it isn’t our good works that brings God in to listen to us OR our churchly work OR anything other than the blood of Jesus Christ.  Let’s look at one more chapter for today:  Romans 5:1-11
Because of Jesus, we have an offer of new life.  Only because of Jesus, whose birthday we just celebrated.  He is the only reason that we can be forgiven of those sins and that God can even look upon us.  He is the reason that we can offer up our prayers.
What do we do?  Accept Him as Savior…confess our sins…trust Him

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