Christmas 2011

27 Dec

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated with a candlelight service reminding us that a baby changed everything.

We celebrate the birthday of this baby Jesus.  From the outside, seems like of crazy to celebrate the birth of a baby that was born a couple thousand years ago in a stable.  We are celebrating the birth of a baby that was born to a woman who wasn’t even completely married when she got pregnant.  We celebrate the birth of a baby born to a carpenter?

Oh, but this wasn’t just a baby.  This baby changed everything.  This baby changed the way we see life.  This baby changed the way we see death.  This baby turned the tables and shook ideals and religion up.  This baby truly changed the world in which we live.  This baby changed everything.

This baby changed everything, including me.  This baby is the reason that I stand before you and tell you about a loving God and a redeeming hope.  This baby is the reason that I can stand before you with confidence that there is more than this life.  This baby is the reason that we can live this difficult, harsh life in this dark world with a joy unspeakable and a light shining bright.

If you don’t get it, maybe you haven’t allowed this baby to change you.  Oh yes, He came as a baby…but He grew to be a man…and died to be our Savior…and arose to be our Redeemer…and lives forevermore as our Hope.  This baby changes everything…won’t you allow Him to change you????

On Christmas Day, we gathered together to continue looking at this baby Jesus.  We looked at:

Matthew 1:18-25

Luke 2:15-21

John 1:1-14

He was given the name JESUS.  What a name.  Phil 2:5-11

Isaiah tells us in Isaiah 9:6-7 about the names of Jesus.  He is the Son of God.  What a NAME!

 Jesus is the culmination of JOY and LOVE and PEACE and HOPE!

All for us – all wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

While peace may not be found in this world, it can be found in Him.  Joy and hope and love are all ONLY TRULY found in Jesus.

We celebrate more than the birth of a baby, we celebrate the birth of a Savior – come to earth for you and for me.

How will you celebrate this miracle??

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