22 Dec

This week’s theme of advent is BIRTHING
Luke 2:1-7

As we read in our scripture for this week, we see that Mary and Joseph have made their way to Bethlehem.  She has given birth to Jesus..She has given birth to a Savior, which is Christ the Lord…She has fulfilled prophesies from hundreds of years earlier…She holds in her arms the King!
Christmas is practically here.  This is the last week of hustle and bustle and the last week to get those gifts we have forgotten…or that we see the need to pick up.  And for those who wait until the last minute, maybe it is the opportunity to start on the Christmas shopping.  There are Christmas parties to attend, family gatherings to be a part of, cookies to make, gifts to wrap, and so much more.  We can get tired just thinking about it all…but, for just a few moments, you can’t do anything about your to do list.  Take a moment and reflect on the birth of Jesus.  We reflect on His birth because Jesus is the ultimate gift.  There are three things I want you to consider as we reflect upon this gift of Jesus:
1 – God gave the gift of His only Son
We know from John 3:16 that because God loved the whole world, He gave Jesus, His Son, to come to earth.  Jesus came as an infant.  He came in the most unexpected way…born to a virgin…as a baby to grow to be a man…a man like you and me

2 – Jesus gave us a new way of understanding love
As we have talked about many times, Jesus completely turned the world upside down in their thinking.  He showed what true love really does mean.  He showed us what it was like to love the Lord God first…He showed us what it meant to really love others…He commanded us to go and show that love to others.
Our understanding of love is forever changed because of Jesus!

3 – Jesus gave of himself for us – GRACE
We are given something undeserved and unearned.  We are given new life because of a life that was given up.  Jesus gave up His life so that we might have life.  You may not really grasp how important that is.  You may not consider the magnitude of this gift.  All we really can do is stand in awe with thankful and grateful hearts and then, “pay it forward”
We have been given the ultimate gift…we have been taught what it means to truly give – more than any gift that can be bought or fought over.  What can we do?  We can give…give love to a situation that doesn’t have any…share light with a dark world…spread joy where there is only frustration…spread peace in chaos.  We can bring God glory in ALL WE DO!!

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