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First, we looked at waiting, then acceptance…Accepting the call that God has for us, no matter what it is – big or small.  Now, we are looking at JOURNEYING
Our scripture is Luke 1:57-80

Zacharias has already been on quite a journey – he was brought the message about his son…he was made mute…his son has arrived and they will call him John.  Now that Zacharias can speak, he has great news, not just about his son, but about the coming Messiah.

He begins by telling about how God has provided salvation for His people, just as He has promised through the prophets.  He then tells about his son, who will be a prophet, the forerunner of the Messiah – the Messiah who will bring light and peace.  As we consider what is occurring for Zacharias – and for the world – I want you to think about two journeys that are going on here that are powerful and intertwined – that bring hope and joy

1 – The Journey of Repentance

Zacharias and Elizabeth – older in age, not able to have children, served the Lord faithfully and gave their life for Him – Now they are having a son – but not just any son…they are having John.  John was born and is called for a specific purpose – he is to be the forerunner of Jesus.  We think of him as John the Baptist because he was baptizing people (including Jesus).  Today, think of him as John, the baby to bring the people back to where they need to be with God.  John had a powerful message – one that we need to hear today, one that is not easy to hear, but vital – it is the call to REPENT

John is calling the people (and us, for that matter) to repent of our wicked ways – turn from those things which are taking us down the wrong path – those things which are taking our attention away from the Savior.  Turn from the sins that are carrying us down a wrong path, Turn from our own desires and ways…

But, in order to turn, we have to acknowledge those sins – easy for us to sweep them under the rug, to let them go, to look at everyone else who is doing them OR worse…But that doesn’t excuse OUR sins.  We have to see our sins in order to turn from them – REPENT

What do we turn to when we repent – when we turn from our sins?

2 – The Journey of Redemption

Mary and Joseph – a young, engaged couple, just starting out in life, just beginning to serve the Lord – called to raise Jesus.  I can imagine they would be scared, intimidated, overwhelmed – but willing…they are having Jesus.  Jesus was born for a specific purpose – the redeemer of the world.  Jesus will show the people God in the flesh…He will show them what it means to love and serve God…and He will love them all the way to the cross.  Born to die…for you and for me.  His is a journey of REDEMPTION – redeeming sinful people who needed a Savior, desperately.  Where do we turn when we repent?  John clearly tells us in John 1:29, “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold!  The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”

We turn to the only One who is able to take away sins – when we see our sin and it is ever before us, we confess that sin, turn from it and turn towards the Savior, the Redeemer, who can forgive an wash us clean of that sin…The Journey of Repentance…the Journey of Redemption

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