09 Dec

Last week, we talked about what we do while we wait.  It is difficult to wait.  Waiting requires patience.  Effective waiting requires trust.  Neither of these is easy.

This week, we are looking at ACCEPTANCE

As you can tell, we aren’t doing the traditional advent themes, but I want you to think about the message of Christmas this year possibly in a slightly different way.

Today’s scripture:  Luke 1:25-38

Mary is approached by the angel Gabriel just like Zachariah was regarding the son that he and Elizabeth would have (John).  We know the narrative – Mary is engaged to be married, but is not yet married.  The angel tells her that she is highly favored, the Lord is with her and that she is blessed.  I’m sure she was concerned about why an angel was approaching her and why she was favored.  But, the angel had a message for her.  She will be pregnant and have a son, named Jesus.  He tells her about Jesus – big things about Jesus. (verse32- 33) – she wants to know how this is since she hasn’t done anything to become pregnant.  The angel tells her how this will happen and even tells her about Elizabeth.  He comes with an important message that NOTHING is impossible with God!

What is Mary’s response?  Verse 38 (IMPORTANT)

Mary acknowledges that she is a servant of the Lord AND that she is accepting the call on her life.  Think about it – no easy task – her humiliation (she isn’t married), all the questions and stares, being the mother of Jesus and raising the One sent by God – ALL major things she will have to face (she even has to watch Him die).  She accepts what God has for her – she says in essence, here am I, send me!

What about you this Advent season?  Is there something that God has called you to do that you aren’t sure you can?  Has God given you an opportunity that you are not sure you are ready or capable of?  OR, has God called you to do something that seems to be minor, minute, not important (at least in your eyes) and you want something with more sparkle?  God calls each of us to do something – we either don’t accept it, don’t listen to His instructions and guidance, or we do it well…

What is He calling you to do at this time in your life?  Are we remembering that NOTHING is impossible with God when we say YES to His will and His way?

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