Where Are You Headed?

27 Oct

My sense of direction is unfortunately quite lacking.  I often get lost when I am driving.  Recently I was driving a different direction than I normally do and came upon a decision.  I had to choose…do I go east or west.  I knew I normally would go east, but I wasn’t sure where I was geographically to know which one.  Guess what?  I went west when I should have gone east.   I could only choose one way.  Unfortuntely, I chose the wrong one that day.

Life is like that as well…we must choose a direction we will travel.  When I think about directions, I think of this scripture:

*Psalm 1

This Psalm points out 2 different directions we can take

We can take the path of the ungodly OR we can follow the path that is with the LORD

We get to choose…the world tells us one thing…the Bible tells us another.  They are not the same, yet we want them to be.  We want to have our “cake and eat it too.”  We can’t go in the middle and try to do both… We MUST choose one way or the other

We choose to follow the world or follow Jesus…we can’t have it both ways!  We can’t do all the things that the world does, ignoring God all the time except for when we need Him and still be on the right path.  We can’t make our own decisions without consulting Him…leading our own path…going our own way…and expect to be on His path as well.

One way leads to destruction.  The other leads to life.  You choose…

It seems so easy.  It seems ridiculous to choose the way of destruction…that would just be crazy.  The problem is that the path of destruction is pretty…it has big houses…it has nice stuff…it has the best of everything…

The path of life has eternal life, unspeakable joy, unexplainable peace…but none of the things we treasure in this life…it isn’t the “pretty” and “easy” way.  It can be just plain difficult.

You can’t choose both…what do YOU choose?  You may think that you have chosen the right way…

I challenge you…if you think you are going in the right way, look at where you are going…look at the life you are leading…look at the choices you are making…Then tell me if you are going on the right path.  Just because the way looks rough and difficult doesn’t mean you are going the wrong way and just because it looks pretty and inviting doesn’t mean you are going the right way.

It all comes down to:  You have to know where you are, to know where you are going!  Where are you headed?
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