Is the world changing you or are YOU changing the world?

22 Oct

We can often feel a tension between living in this world, yet wanting to do the right thing

We have difficulty knowing what to do and when – or how much to do or not to do.  It can make life as a Christian difficult because we don’t know how to live as Christians in a fallen world…Jesus tells us that we are not part of the world and not to fall in the deceptions of the world.  Yet, we are called to love others and live out our faith…
As I read the Bible, I find that many had that same difficulty – and none as clearly as the Israelites

They are in a new world…the Promised Land.  God has brought them to the ultimate destination – at least on this earth…They are out of slavery, out of the desert and taking the lands that God has promised to them.  This can be an exciting time – God tells them that He has given them a land for which they did not labor, cities which they did not build, they eat of vineyards and olive groves they did not plant…the Promised Land.  Joshua knows the people and wants them to understand something about living in this new land.

Joshua 23:1-11

They are to go into this new land, but they are not to let the influences of this new land overtake what they know to be true – they are not to let the temptations around them overwhelm their belief in the Holy One – Who has brought them here!

Let us think of it like this:  They are to hold fast to what they know is true and not allow the world around them to sway from that

They didn’t do such a great job of it, by the way…they didn’t heed the advice and God wasn’t pleased…

But, what about us? 

Is the world around us changing us OR are we changing the world??

Are we giving into the schemes of the devil and falling prey to his plan by not spreading the Good News, by not doing what the Bible tells us, by trying to make the church look attractive to the world?

OR are we staying true to the Word of God?

Do we know what the Word of God is telling us and living in the example of Jesus OR are we a group of people who look a lot like the world, but just do a few things differently…

How do we stop the world from changing us and instead, change the world?

I think we do this by focusing on the Word of God…we look at the example of Jesus Christ who lived in this world and managed to please the Heavenly Father…we look at the examples set before us and follow…But, you have to know the Word before you can live the Word…otherwise, the world could end up changing you!
Learn the Word, study the Word, and follow Jesus!  Don’t let the schemes of the devil sway you from the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Stay diligent in what you know to be true because it is IN the Word!  Stay diligent to constantly follow the Lord and what He has shown and told us to do!  That way, we change the world instead of the world changing us!!
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