A New Church Year

09 Oct

Let’s get to the heart of the matter – it’s a new church year…do the right things for the right reasons this year!!  How many times do we look for reasons not to do what we know is right…in an effort to justify ourselves?  In my opinion, that is exactly what the scribes and Pharisees are doing in the scriptures we will look at…

Matthew 15:1-20

We will notice several things in this scripture that can help us as we seek to worship and serve the Lord.

First, notice that the Pharisees are trying to use their traditions to corner Jesus.  (TRAPPING JESUS W MANMADE RULES)

They are watching the disciples and they have not completed the ceremonial cleansing prior to eating.  This is a problem, not because of cleansing, but because of the laws.  You need to know that this part is manmade.  Jesus comes back at them by asking them why they don’t do the commandments of God but are willing to make sure that what they have instituted is done. 

They are more concerned about the process being done correctly than the actual reasoning behind it.  They are willing to put this ahead of other things.

Second, they are attempting to use God as a scapegoat from doing what they know they should.  (USING BIBLE TO THEIR BENEFIT)
They are instructed to take care of their parents.  However, their parents are struggling and need their help.  Instead of helping their parents, they are telling them that the money has been set aside for God later.  Problem is, that isn’t true…just a scapegoat.

Third, He quotes Isaiah 29:13…saying that they are more concerned with appearance than the heart . (NO HEART IN THE MATTER)
They want things to look good and want to follow the law for the sake of justification, but really have no love for God or heart in the matter

Fourth, Jesus clarifies that it is more important what comes out of the mouth, because it comes from the heart.
What you truly believe and what means something to you will show forth in your life…actions, speech, etc.  You can follow all of the laws and not care at all about serving Jesus.  It is about where your heart is.

Lastly, Jesus gives examples of what evil things can come out of an evil heart.
We don’t need to hide behind a process of worship and service…it is about loving God with your all and letting Him lead and guide you in service.  It isn’t about coming to church and singing songs and hearing a sermon…it is about coming to worship and offering yourself before the Lord

Loving the Lord is the most important thing we can do…our service, actions, speech should reflect that!

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