Throw Them Down and Build It Up

27 Sep

We celebrated Homecoming this past Sunday.  What a special time to see so many people come back “home” to visit and worship!  This Sunday was quite different from many.

We began by hearing an account of the woman who was caught in adultery and was brought to Jesus.  As we know, the purpose of the woman being there was just to put Jesus in an awkward position and have Him condemn this woman through stoning as was the law.  Instead, Jesus turned the situation around.  He had them look at themselves and the one without sin was to cast the first stone.  They, of course, dropped their stones and went away.  But, what about the woman?  Jesus is there for her, too.  He provides peace in this difficult storm.  He provides safety despite the circumstances.  He provides forgiveness as only He can do.  He provides a saving power that is unmatched.
So, I ask to you:

Have you felt the saving power of Jesus?  Have you felt the calm peace in the face of a storm in your life?  Jesus has rescued us all…we are all sinners.   One sin is not greater than the other.   We are all condemned.  We are only saved by the power of Jesus Christ.  We can know the same saving power as the woman in John 8.

 Let’s think about the stones for just a moment.  In the story of the woman caught in adultery, stones were going to be used by the people of that day to kill.  They had already hurled stones at her before then.  They had hurled stones of bad looks…judgments…condemnation for what she had done – as if their sins were justified and hers not.  Jesus caused them to take a look at themselves and realize that their sins were no better than hers.  They were all sinners in need of saving grace.

I want to compare this with a scripture in the Old Testament that also talks about stones.  We talked last year about the memorial stones that Joshua placed after passing over the River Jordan.  That was a monumental event for God’s people.  He wanted to remember it.  I want to mention another Scripture as well:  1 Samuel 7:7-12

We can hurl stones at people – judge them for their actions – cast a glare because we think we know who they are…We would be forgetting that Jesus tells us to cast the first stone if we are without sin.

What happens?  Our stones begin to hit the ground.  We put them down…When we put them down…we should instead raise our Ebenezer…God has helped us.  We were sinful people who were condemned forever until the Redeeming blood of Jesus Christ…

Thus far, the Lord has helped us! 

What are you doing with your stones?  Are you casting them at “those people”…those people who are sinners just like you…OR are you raising your Ebenezer and letting others know that “thus far, the Lord has helped you…”  When we call on Him, He answers and helps…We can’t forget that.  When the Israelites called upon the Lord, He heard and rescued…the same happens for us.  For we serve a God that is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is Unchanging…Faithful…Loving – and ALWAYS there!!  What will you do with your stone?  Let’s build an Ebenezer!! 
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