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13 Sep

I wanted us to continue to look at what it means to have our lifestyle match our worship.  James 1:19-27 is the Scripture.  I sum up this text like this:  “Our Mouths, Hearts, Hands AND Feet should all be in one accord with the Lord.” 
In order to begin looking at ourselves, we need to compare ourselves with the Word.  It is as if we are looking into a mirror, except the Bible is our guide for how we are to be.  When we compare ourselves with the Word of God, we find that we are sinners…we find that we are not perfect…we find that we fall short…we find that we need God!  We realize that we need God more than ever and it is quite a humbling experience.  When we look at ourselves compared to the Word, several things may appear: 
What we say should reflect the love of Jesus – not filled with gossip, hate, hurt, filth. 
What we believe should be directly in tune with the Word of God.
Our hearts should be in tune with the Word and with the Lord because we are filled with the Holy Spirit.
What we believe and have in our hearts, what we say with our mouths, should then be reflected in our actions.
It is often said that we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  It is difficult to be the hands and feet of Jesus if we don’t know Him, don’t have a relationship with Him and/or don’t listen to Him.
We can talk a good game and might even believe some good things, but if we don’t act on what we know in the Word, it is useless. 
We are called to love, called to serve, called to be obedient…
May our mouths, our hearts, our hands, and our feet be in one accord WITH the Lord!

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