Trust in the Lord…

09 Aug
Life can be really difficult…There are so many things we just don’t understand and there are so many things going on.  Look at our market – US debt has been downgraded for the first time EVER!  The government can’t make a unified decision.  If the economy isn’t enough to frighten you, life can really be difficult on a daily basis…we see young people who pass away…we have people getting cancer at what seems to be higher rates…we have people all around the world suffering from diseases because they can’t get fresh drinking water…and the list could go on and on and on.  And we say, what is going on??!!!  We don’t understand it all – what do we do?
As I heard the news this week about so many things happening and listened to the report of the S&P downgrade, I am reminded of a verse that many of us can quote, but few actually live by.  It is like the verse last week – helpful verses but do we really get what the Word is telling us?
Proverbs 3:5-8
The scripture says that we are to TRUST IN THE LORD with all our heart – trust in the Lord, not when it is convenient or when it works out for us.  We are to trust in the Lord, not when we have run out of other ideas.  We are to trust in the Lord always, with everything.  Why should we do that?  We are not to lean on our own understanding…we don’t understand what is going on.  We don’t get how so many things can happen.  We don’t see the bigger picture.  We don’t know the plans of the Lord. ALL we know is that we don’t understand but we are told to simply TRUST.
Trust is what keeps us from worrying…keeps us from giving up…enabled Peter to walk on water and Paul to continue on despite really difficult circumstances.  Trusting in Him means we lay all we have at His feet…not just our possessions and goods – but our sorrows and our cares!  We are to lay it all before Him – give Him our all – walk in His way.  Does that means it gets easier?  No, it means that we have the Lord to guide and direct us and protect us through this mess we call life…
We are also told to acknowledge HIM in all our ways and when we do that, He will direct our path.  Obeying Him is not easy.  He tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who do things to us.  He tells us to put Him first and others before ourselves.  He tells us to help a brother and sister in need.  He asks us to give it all up to Him!
With all that is going on, instead of worrying about tomorrow – trust the One who knows what tomorrow holds and will lead you and guide you through any situation you may be facing.  It is amazing that we serve a Savior that loves us enough to care about our lives every single moment of every single day.  He doesn’t leave you.  He is waiting for you to give it all to Him and just trust Him.  Trusting Him brings a peace that can calm any anxious heart.  Won’t you trust Him today?
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