What Would You Do?

03 Aug
What would you do?  Maybe you have seen the show on TV.  It is where people are secretly filmed as they are put into situations that are controversial to see how people will act – whether they will do something about the situation or not.  It is easy to say what we would do…can look at the show and say we wouldn’t stand for this or that.  It is much easier to say what we would do than actually put that into practice.
I thought  about this show as I read an article in the Biblical Recorder last week.  Basically, Iranian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is facing execution if he doesn’t renounce is his faith in Christ.  The verdict has actually been confirmed by the country’s supreme court.  As I read the article, it truly left me wondering what I would do in his situation, and wondering what most people would do…recant or die
What would you do?  The government has written an order to have you executed if you don’t recant your beliefs.  Just say you don’t believe – just say it and you are free – just say it and you don’t die.  In America, most of us will probably never have to worry about this situation happening, but should cause us to look at our relationship with the Lord and our trust in Him…
Are we willing to give up everything for Him?  EVERYTHING?  Easy to say we would, but much more difficult if it is called into question!
As I think of this pastor and many others who have given their lives for what they believed, I think of Stephen in Acts –
Acts 7:51-60 – Stephen was stoned for what he believed and wouldn’t back down
We read about many who are willing to do whatever the Lord asks and have lost their lives doing it – we could say that it is crazy…but is it?  What would cause people who call themselves followers of Christ to give up everything to follow the call…what would cause them to leave everything behind and dedicate their lives to Him?  What would cause someone to give up the life they have known…the money they make…everything just to follow…even follow to the end?
I believe that it comes down to understanding John 3:16 and exactly what God did for YOU! He sent His Son to die for your sins…He died for my sins…He died for you and for me…that is incredible!!
It is about this incredible love that is practically unspeakable and definitely not understandable in our small human minds…
Maybe the pastor and those willing to give up everything, including their life, GET IT!
They get that He loves them!  They get that He provided eternal life!  They get that life isn’t about the stuff that we accumulate or the achievements that we make!  They get that this world is not all there is and we can’t live like it is!  They get it that there is more to this life than just our wants and desires!  It is about something so much more amazing than we can fathom…It is all about HIM!
If you GET IT – you WILL work for Him in whatever He asks…  You will say YES to Him when He calls – no questions asked.  Where He leads, you will GO!  It isn’t about what have you done for the Lord lately, but about how much do you love Him…
So, what would you do?? Do you get it??
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