Why do YOU go to church?

27 Jul
Christians go to church for many different reasons.  As I was going through my week, I was thinking about how many people don’t truly understand what church really is.  We live in a “ME” centered culture where we only do things that benefit us.  If we don’t see what is in it for us, we probably will give it our very minimum or none at all.
As we consider this, there seems to be a direct correlation between how we feel about church and our attitude and involvement in it…
I need you to think outside the box for just a moment.  Let’s look at some possibilities of what church might be like to you…
1 – Gas Station – a little pick me up to get you going – your once a week fill up of Jesus so that you feel good about your week – stop when you are on empty and good to go after that.  The problem with this is that you might only find yourself on “empty” once a month AND you are only there to see what you can receive – not what you give.
2 – Job – It is more like an obligation – punch your card to show you were there so you feel better about things and you can at least say you have been.  You might feel this way if you get up on Sunday morning and say something like – oh, it’s Sunday – I have to go to church again…what’s for lunch?
3 – Show or Concert – go to see if you can receive some entertainment – hey, you give your money, you expect to be entertained.  Come with the attitude of what you can get out of the service – if you don’t get anything, why come and why give?
4 – Gym – you made a resolution that you are going to go to church and become involved.  You feel good, so you give it everything you have and then some.  You burn out, life gets in the way, it becomes less of a priority…Eventually you fill that time with other things.  It wasn’t about giving or a relationship with Jesus – it was about giving it your all to simply complete a task.
5 – Pharmacy – you are sick and you come because you are hoping to feel better.  You want a quick fix and you are hoping it will be all better.  We are all sick in sin and Jesus does rescue us from that – problem is that while it is an instant change, it is a lifelong relationship with HIM.
None of these examples give us a true picture of church.  We miss what church really is…A place where we come to offer ourselves to the Lord (NOT to receive)…We may receive, but that isn’t our purpose in being here.
We do get encouraged, but that is because we are offering…What do we bring?
Ephesians 4:1-16 –
Christ is the HEAD of the church – we bring ourselves to HIM as an offering…He has equipped each of us with gifts to make the Body of Christ work effectively and efficiently
We offer ourselves in worship – we truly come here to worship Him and to praise Him only, not because it makes us feel good, but because He deserves our praise
We offer ourselves in service – we take part and offer the gifts that He has given us to His work – we are involved in the work of the Lord and we offer what we have to that service – we do it because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
We bring our offerings – bring our offerings because it helps to keep the church operating and doing as the Lord instructs
We bring our full attention to HIM – it is NOT about us, but ALL about HIM – a different perspective for us all
What do you go to church for?  Hopefully, you go to make yourself a holy sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2).  Sacrifices don’t ask what they get out of the deal – they give of themselves wholly and completely.  Next time we are in church, maybe we should evaluate what we bring to the church rather than what we are receiving.  Something to think about…
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