If Only I Had…

20 Jul

As Christians, we all struggle with something…whether it is a sin that we are having a difficult time with or a relationship or lack of joy or loneliness…we all struggle at some point.  One thing that is almost universal that Christians struggle with is possessions (i.e. – money).  If we have an abundance – we struggle with what to do with it (more you make, more you spend)…If we have very little – we struggle with the fact that there is more month than money.
We live in a world of “if I only had a little bit more”…BUT when is a little bit more enough.  The more we have, the more we spend, the more we want…When is enough actually enough?
Luke 12:15-21 contains a parable that is helpful to us all.  The man built bigger barns…what is the problem with that?  The man saved up for retirement…what is wrong with that?
Here are some lessons that I learned through this Scripture:
1) Enough will never be enough when we are looking for earthly treasures. Max Lucado references a survey in his “Experiencing the Heart of God Study Bible”.  It basically asked Americans what they would do for $10 million…  Here are some jaw dropping responses:
25% would abandon their family
25% would abandon their church
23% would become a prostitute for a week
16% would give up their American Citizenship
16% would leave their spouse
13% would put their children up for adoption
2/3 of the respondents would do one or more of the options. (paraphrased from the Money devotion of the Study Bible)
WHAT???  Enough will never be enough when we are looking at earthly treasures
2) We are taught to give and to be good stewards of what we have
God blessed this man with an abundance.  Instead of him trying to find out how he could use the blessings to help others, he thought only of himself.  The point wasn’t that he built the barns or had retirement.  The point was that he did these things selfishly without using what God had given him the way God would have wanted.
We are to give out of the whatever we have been given…whether very little or a lot…simply honor God with what you have been given
3) The man had the wrong mindset
He forgot where his blessings came from.  He forgot that God was the One who blessed Him with it all and that it ALL belongs to God!
What we have is on loan to us…we should remember that ALL we have is given to us by God to use for His glory.  We should raise our children and grandchildren for the Lord…work at our jobs as unto the Lord…take care of our bodies for the Lord…and we should take care of the funds He has blessed us with remembering that it all belongs to HIM.

It comes down to perspective.  We must remember that what we have been given is on loan to us to use for HIM – not us.  If we think about all we have as a possession of the Lord’s, we might spend our money differently and treat our children differently and treat our spouse differently and treat our job differently…and so on.  If you don’t think it is all on loan to you for a short time, visit the cemetary and see what they were able to take with them…
What are YOU going to do with what you have been given?

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