What do you have to give?

13 Jul

Mark 6:30-44 is a familiar passage about Jesus feeding the 5,000 + people.  Sometimes, because the passage is so familiar, we miss elements that could give us insight into how we live our Christian lives.  There were a few things that really stood out to me as I read and studied the passage and then some lessons that I learned as I studied.
Notice in verse 34 that Jesus sees the people as sheep without a shepherd.
In verse 37, He tells the disciples, “YOU give them something to eat…”  I am reminded that one of the instructions of Jesus is to “Feed My Sheep”.  Think about it.  Jesus is already telling the disciples to feed His sheep…the same thing He would tell Peter after His resurrection (John 21).  They realize that they can’t do it alone.
In verse 38, Jesus basically asks them, “What do YOU have?”  He asks them to check and see.  He asked them to look at their resources and to find out what they had to give.  They came up with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Not much for 5,000 + people.  The young person who had these could have been too embarrased to share.  The disciples could have thought that this was such a waste of time for them to bring such a small amount to feed such an overwhelming crowd.  They told Him what they had – what appears to not be much.
In verse 41, Jesus took what was offered to Him and He made so much more of it.  What is ordinary in our hands is extraordinary in the hands of God.

Jesus gives us BIG commands, OVERWHELMING tasks, seemingly IMPOSSIBLE teachings…
We could look at what we have to offer and think that it isn’t even worth it.  Think of ALL that needs to be done.  Think of what little we have to give.  We could easily just not share what we have and move on.
We could offer to Him what we have – no matter how big or how small!
When we give from our heart to the Lord (NOT reluctantly or with an attitude), God honors that!
He can use what we have (our TIME, our TALENTS, our GIFTS, our SERVICE) when offered to Him from the heart – for HIS glory!
We ALL have something to offer – regardless of our age or anything else…
In His hands, what we have can become extraordinary.  What are you willing to give HIM?  What are you holding back?

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