So many lessons…

06 Jul

This week, Acts 16 really spoke to me.  Paul and Silas are being obedient to the Lord.  They are doing what is right, yet, they are facing adversity.  When things start going right, they get push back.  Yet, they do not give up.  They keep going because they know they are doing the work that the Lord has called them to do.  In Acts 16, there is so much that we can learn.  I picked out 4 lessons to me that were important as I face my week…
Lesson 1:  They did what was right even when it wasn’t what everyone else wanted them to do (vs 16, 28).  They healed a little girl.  Yet, they took away several people’s source of income.  They were using this little girl to make a living.  When she was healed, her masters were very upset – they might actually have to make an honest living…what a shame.  So, they have Paul and Silas thrown into prison.
Paul and Silas also stayed in the prison even after they were free because they knew the Lord was calling them to help the guard.
Lesson 2:  They were rejoicing and praising God despite their worldly circumstances (vs 25).  It can be difficult to offer praise or prayer when things are not going well.  We look at our circumstances and find ourselves depressed and upset and offer anything but praise.  They didn’t let their worldly circumstances interfere with the praise the God is due.
Many wonderful songs have been written in praise when people were in the deepest, darkest times of their lives.
Lesson 3:  They were willing and ready to spread the Word despite their circumstances and beatings (vs 32).  God had given them an opportunity (an open door) to tell the message – the Good News and they took it!  The obvious “open door” was the one on the prison that led them to freedom.  They were listening to the Lord and found that the door the Lord wanted them to walk through was the one to offer up the Good News to the Guard and his family.
Lesson 4:  Paul and Silas encouraged others even in the face of their own adversity (vs 40).  You would think that they would have been looking for encouragement from others.  They have been thrown into prison and beaten for doing good.  Yet, they were encouraging others.  We have to be encouragers as well to help people continue to follow the Lord and do the right thing, no matter what.
Are you willing to be used by God in a mighty way today?

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