Mentors and Role Models

22 Jun

We all have a mentor or someone that we admire/have admired.  Our mentors should always point us to the Lord and give Him the glory for everything.  Our mentors should show and give us godly wisdom versus worldly wisdom. 
1 Corinthians 3:18-23 has some advice for us.  Here is what I take from this:
1) The wisdom of God is not the wisdom of the world.  The things that our world holds high and with importance are things such as wealth, fame and power.  The Bible doesn’t lead us in the same direction.  When we become Christians, we automatically go against the grain of the world.  We seek to follow God first and put Him first in everything.  We also seek to put others ahead of ourselves. 
2) Our ultimate mentor and guide is Jesus Christ.  He died on the cross for our sins and gives us abundant life.  However, abundant doesn’t mean the same thing that the world might define as abundant.  Not an accumulation of things, but a life lived for HIM.
3) With the Lord as our ultimate mentor, we should then be mentors that point others to Him.  You are being watched.  Others are looking to see how you react to adversity, how you live the life, how you represent the life you proclaim. 
You may be more of a mentor than you realize.  Let us show the world what a real mentor is…point someone to Christ today!

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