To Serve or Not to Serve…

15 Jun
This past Sunday, we did something different.  We looked at the reasons NOT to serve the Lord and do what He asks.  In order to do this, we looked at some of the reasons given by three of people of the Old Testament. 
First, we looked at Moses.  I like Moses because he had so many reasons not to do what God was asking, despite the fact that he was staring at a burning bush that wasn’t being consumed.  He had several insecurities and he didn’t mind telling God all about them (as if God didn’t know all of those when He called him into action). 
God calls Moses to lead His people out of Egyptian bondage.  He says (and I paraphrase):
Exodus 3:11 – “Why Me?” and God said, “I will be with you”
Exodus 4:1 – “What if they don’t believe me?” and God said, “Here are 3 signs that you can use”
Exodus 4:10 – “I don’t speak well – it isn’t my thing” and God said, “I am in control and I will teach you what to say”
Exodus 4:13 – “Please don’t pick me for THAT – there must be somebody else!” and God said, “I’ll send Aaron to help”
Isaiah and Jeremiah have quite different stories.  They aren’t trying to get out of doing what was asked.  They simply had things they wanted to bring before the Lord that made them feel unprepared.
Isaiah 6:5 – Isaiah realizes his sin and unworthiness.  God cleanses him.  We are all sinners and unworthy to be called or to serve.  However, the blood of Jesus Christ washes us clean and the Holy Spirit prepares us to serve and helps us to do just that.  Isaiah was cleansed and more than willing to serve!
Jeremiah 1:5 – “I’m too young for this” – God reminded him that He had known Jeremiah before he was even formed in the womb and he would take care of him.  Jeremiah didn’t have a fun, great, exciting message.  He had a difficult message, but God knew he could use Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was chosen and Jeremiah did it.
God calls different people from different backgrounds…different levels of education…different personalities…differing abilities…but He calls
There is really only 1 reason to say YES – Because God asked you to!
We should realize that it is a privilege and blessing to serve the Lord and jump at the opportunity to serve when He calls!!
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