On Mission for Him

09 Jun

On Sunday, we had 2 very special guests.  A doctor and a nurse (husband and wife) that go during the year on medical missions.  They spend their time, resources, and energy to help those around the world that are struggling with health problems of many kinds.  Not only do they help with the medical need, they also try to help them spiritually as well.  They go out of their comfort zones to spread the Good News to many who need to hear. 
Through Biblical storytelling, they told us what the scripture from Acts 9 said and focused on one particular person…Ananias.  Ananias heard from the Lord that he was to go see Saul…a killer…someone that Christians were to be very scared of…and Ananias was no exception.  Saul was a huge threat to “The Way” and Ananias knew that.  What Ananias didn’t know right away was that the Lord had already begun a work in Saul (who became Paul).  Ananias was faithful and went out of his comfort zone to do as the Lord had called. 
We are called to step out of our comfort zones as well.  We are called to listen and obey…not matter what the Lord asks us to do.  But too many times, we sit waiting for someone else to do it.
Our guests shared a message of:  1) Listen to the Lord as He leads  2) Make sure that what you hear is of the Lord and what He wants  3) Go!  Don’t let your fears get in the way!
What a testimony for each of us.  Whether we are missionaries in foreign countries or missionaries in our own hometown, we are called to get out of our own comfort zones and do what the Lord has called us to do…
Are you listening and obeying?

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