We are in this together…

01 Jun

As I was thinking about Memorial Day, I saw a special on television about an amazing rescue of a man in the Army.  This man had an explosive inside of him and others came to his rescue despite the obvious dangers in helping him.  Because of their bravery and willingness to look beyond their own safety, his life was saved.  He lives to tell the story.  When the reporter asked the others why they did it, one said that he couldn’t leave him behind…he was an American…he was wearing the same uniform that I was…
What a thought.  They were willing to stick together because they were in it together.  Christians are in this together as well!  We should be united, standing together, working side by side for the cause of Christ!
Philippians 2:1-16 has lots of advice for the church.  It helped me to see how we can stand united when standing for Christ.
Paul writes that there are 3 important pieces to the puzzle in being the church.
1) We are to have the same love.  What love is that?  This is the Christian’s UNIFORM!  Why would I say that?  Because Jesus said that others would be able to know that we are His disciples by the way we LOVE!  People should see our “uniform” of love…we show that we are Christians when we love God and we love others. 
2) We are to live in unity.  We are to have a common goal and work towards a common purpose.  We are to serve the Lord and follow His will and His way.  We aren’t in the world alone.  We are given the helper, the Holy Spirit.  We are also given each other.  We can stand together as Christians.
3) We are to be of one mind.  This doesn’t mean we all think alike…thankfully!  This doesn’t mean we do things the same.  What this means is that we are to have the mind of Christ (vs 5).  To be like minded with Christ means that we have 2 ways of living:
     a) Service – Christ was all about service…He taught about service…He lived service…His life was service
     b) Humility – He came to earth by humble means and lived a humble life.  His whole ministry denotes humility and service.
How do we do this?
We do all things without complaining or disputing (vs 14) – we are working for the Master and we have to act like it.
We are to shine bright as lights for Him (vs 15) – we do this by being His disciples and being the hands and feet of Christ.
All of this being said…we are in this together.  We are to live for Him and work for Him with our everything!!

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