His plans…our plans

27 May

God’s ways are not our ways…Thankfully!  It is always interesting how we make plans and want to do things our way…and then we watch our plans often fall to pieces.  Many times our plans don’t work out because we didn’t first seek the Lord and what His plans are for us.  We don’t consult the Lord because we have big ideas and just know what we want to do and the way we want to do it.  But that isn’t the right way to live life as a Christian.  I think that David completely got that.
In 2 Samuel 7, we read about David.  He had a good heart…we know.  He wanted to do the right thing.  He had become King.  He was looking at the wonderful house that he lived in and then looking at the tent that the ark of the covenant was in.  He compared the house he dwelled in to the tent God dwelled in.  He saw a disconnect.  He wanted to build a temple for the Lord.  Good intentions…good motive…good idea.  He even told Nathan the prophet about it and Nathan thought it was a good idea.  But, that wasn’t God’s plan.
God told Nathan that this wasn’t what He had in mind for David to do.  Yes, He wanted the temple built, but not David and not right now.  He had dwelt in the tent and He was good with that.  David was a leader, a warrior, a conqueror, but not a builder.  He didn’t want David to build the temple – But, did have wonderful plans for David and for his heirs.  Solomon would later build the temple.  God had a plan and He simply wanted David to fulfill it.
David could have responded in anger, or jealousy, or any other range of emotions that we, as humans, sometimes do when our plans get changed.  But, he responded with “Who am I, that You even think of me?”  David was in awe that God had such a wonderful plan and that He cared for David and his family.  David realized that God was so much bigger than his plans and that God had a plan for his life and beyond.
God has a plan for you and me too.  He has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives.  We mess it up when we try to do things our way and forgo His plan.  Why??  God is God and we are not…We should listen to Him and follow His plan! 
Maybe it is time that we take a few moments to STOP, listen, and then follow.  Stop what we are doing and stop the plans we have made.  Stop our talking and trying to figure it all out.  Listen to what He has for us.  Listen to Him talking and leading and guiding our lives.  Listen to what He has for you and for me.  THEN, go out and do what we are called to do.  Our plans are nothing compared to the plans of the Lord.  Remember that our ways are not His ways.  Just listen to the Master and follow.

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