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13 Apr

Ever go to a new mall in a big city and have to read the kiosk to find out where the stores are located?  When you do, you will notice a red dot that tells you that “You Are Here”.  This lets you know where you are at so that you can find out where you are going. 
Life is often like that.  We have to find out where we are so that we know where we should be heading.  We have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ to start on any real journey, otherwise we are wandering aimlessly in life.  Having a relationship with Jesus is the beginning of our journey – the big red dot!  So, if you have a relationship with Jesus, where are you heading?  Too many Christians get stuck on the red dot and don’t know which direction to go – so they don’t do anything at all!!!  We get stuck and instead of making a move, we just wait…and wait…and wait.  All the time, Jesus has given us instructions on what we should be doing.  The instructions aren’t always easy and sometimes it is just easier to do nothing.  BUT – we are called to do several things.  Read about those in these verses:
Matthew 9:36-38
Matthew 28:18-20
John 13:34-35
Acts 1:8
1 John 3:16-18
All of these (and more) tell you what you should be doing for the Lord.  But how?  Here are a couple of ways to get started on your journey and avoid getting “stuck” doing nothing…
1 – Pray Fervently – that means pray with your everything.  Give God your all.  Let Him know your thoughts, your fears, your questions.  Give Him it all.  He hears your prayers and will lead and guide you.
2 – Follow His commands and His example to love, serve, and give.  He didn’t sit around doing nothing and we shouldn’t either.  We are to be people of action – of service – following Jesus
3 – Do something.  Don’t get so distracted by the world and by all that is out there to do nothing.  It can paralyze us if we think of how many people need help…how many people need Jesus…We have to get out and do what we are called to do from the Lord.

We are called to be the feet and hands of Jesus…not to sit around on ours…
You are here…where are you going???

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