What are you passionate about?

30 Mar

People will make time for what they consider most important.  No doubt, everyone has a lot going on!  So, how do we decide what we do and what we don’t do?  We decide by placing the things that are most important at the top of our list.  If it is something that we are passionate about, we will do what it takes to make time for it.  For instance, Saturday was cold and rainy all afternoon.  I really enjoy running.  It helps to clear my mind and also helps me to focus.  That’s not to mention the health benefits of it.  So, on Saturday afternoon, I still ran the long run I had planned.  I didn’t let the weather stop me or the fact that I was tired.  Many of us make plenty of time for our jobs (claiming that we have to be there all the time to make enough money to survive)…many of us make time for sports (basketball fans??)…many of us make time for our families because they are important (and they ARE!)…but how many us make time for the Lord…How many of us put God as our FIRST priority?  Unfortunately, looking at the churches today – NOT MANY…
So, what do we do about it?  Christians are the body of Christ – we need to get our priorities straight and in the right order!!!  God comes first before anything – NO EXCUSES…
If you put God first in your life, what does your week look like?  What changes do you need to make?  If we all put God first in our lives, I believe the church will look quite different…we might actually be more like Jesus…what a concept…

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